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What puts Kirk Kara into a class of its own?

Our modern heirlooms are never generic or mass-produced. We don’t merely reproduce the classics, because there’s no art in that. Our talented artisans painstakingly craft each ring by hand. We labor over original sketches that embody vintage soul with modern appeal, and carefully hand select the gems ideal for every piece. And while our rings capture the intricate detailing of a bygone era, they have an aesthetic that’s entirely their own.

At Kirk Kara, our creations are timeless originals with a nod to antique style. Just as each love story is unique, so are the iconic designs that proudly bear our name.

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Dahlia Diamond Ring by Kirk Kara

Kirk Kara
SKU: 100-12


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Perrara is a proud retailer of Kirk Kara jewelry in the Okanagan city of Kelowna.