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Engagement Ring Styles

Gone are the days of a few basic engagement ring styles in whatever colour of metal happens to be “in”.  The choices today are endless, exciting and fun.  Each designer will even have an aesthetic that is unique to their brand!  With hundreds of engagement rings to view, try on, drool over and try on again, how do you get started?  Here are a few style ideas and tips to help determine which engagement ring style might be the perfect choice for you!


Classic Solitaire Engagement Rings

A classic solitaire engagement ring traditionally has no diamonds on the band.  It is simple and all the focus is on the centre diamond.  This style beautifully showcases any shape of centre diamond (think elongated marquise, crisp princess or elegant oval).  

Pro Tip

Try on various widths of band to see what suits your hand and feels the most comfy.

Past Present & Future Engagement Rings

Symbolizing your time together, the joys you experience now and looking forward to the future, this style is for the deeply romantic.  While still maintaining a classic timeless vibe, three prominent diamonds shine.  Also often referred to as a three-stone ring or accent ring, this engagement ring style features three stones that represent your “past, present & future” together as a couple.  

Pro Tip

If you are planning to wear a wedding band with this style, be sure to try some on while you are engagement ring shopping to get a feel for what forever looks like.

Halo Engagement Rings

We love a graceful string of diamonds surrounding the centre diamond.  It adds a subtle pop and makes your centre diamond look enormous.  The diamonds in halos come in a multitude of sizes – for example, the Tacori engagement ring on the far left has just a hint of a bloom.  The rose gold Noam Carver engagement ring shown in the middle boasts a bigger effect.  The Noam Carver Atelier ring on the right even alters the shape – a round centre diamond is showcased by an oval halo giving the overall look an elongated effect.  

Pro Tip

Ask your Perrara associate to show you a variety of halo styles.  Some will have a sleek effect, some will have a floral undertone and you will want to see which ones speak to you most.

Diamond Foundation Engagement Rings

Diamonds cascading down the foundation of an engagement ring is soooo pretty.  Also commonly called a pavé band (from the French word “pavé” meaning “to pave”) diamond foundation rings make the whole band twinkle with diamonds.  Again, there are so many variations in how the diamonds are set, the size, width of the band and in how each designer will pull those features into a unique piece.  If you are gravitating toward this style allow yourself plenty of time to explore different widths and setting styles.  

Pro Tip

Trying on wedding bands is so important with this style!  If you love a perfect match, you’ll want to see the complimentary wedding band and make sure the two rings are a comfortable width for you once together.  You’ll also get a good idea if you like adding essentially double the amount of diamonds. 

Floral Engagement Rings

Floral-inspired engagement rings are wonderfully romantic.  These rings have lots of detail, intrigue and tend to be unique.  If you want an intricate design that is sure to grab attention, maybe floral is for you!  

Pro Tip

The more unique the design the more you have to absolutely love it.  Visit multiple times before you make your final decision to be sure that this is a piece that you will love for all time.

Choosing The Right Engagement Ring Style

Engagement rings are what Perrara is known for.  With hundreds of styles in stock in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum we can literally spend hours exploring together.  We can brainstorm together to select something that is ready to go or work on designing a custom piece that no one else will ever have.  The choice is yours!! Contact us today to get started.

Choosing an Engagement Ring at Perrara

Choosing the right engagement ring doesn’t have to be stressful. At Perrara, our expert consultants can help you find the perfect engagement for your loved one, and within your budget. Book a consultation below!