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10 Best Low Profile Engagement Rings

10 Best Low Profile Engagement Rings

The time has come to choose your perfect engagement ring. Or perhaps you are seeking to surprise the love of your life and going at the search solo. Either way, yay! You’ve done some research on lab grown diamonds vs. natural diamonds. You have an idea of what color of metal is desired. And you even have a vague notion of style. But one thing you know absolutely for sure: she needs to have a low profile engagement ring. That is a must. But what exactly makes a low profile engagement ring? Are there any pros or cons? How do you choose a great one? At Perrara, we are here to help and give you lots of tips and gorgeous inspiration. Are you ready?


What is a low profile engagement ring?

So what exactly is a low profile engagement ring? Low profile refers to a center diamond (or gemstones) height off the finger. A low setting will hold the main diamond, but still in varying ways like with prongs or a bezel setting.

If you haven’t already delved into engagement ring styles and what terms like prong setting, bezel setting or pave bands refer to, you might want to check out the article “Everything You Need To Know About Engagement Ring Styles”.

A low profile engagement ring is typically sought after and adored but those with an active lifestyle. The idea is that the lower the setting holding the center stone, the less it will get caught and perhaps snag on clothing, linens, etc.


Low Profile Engagement Ring Pro’s and Con’s

Pro: The most obvious benefit of a low setting is that it’s practical. It will be less likely to get in the way of day-to-day wear, and less likely to snag.

Con: As a diamond is a three dimensional object, as the carat weight gets larger, the stone also gets deeper. That means that a large diamond will inherently only sit so low to the finger.

Pro: It has been said that since low profile engagement rings tend to close in the center diamond, they stay cleaner longer as hand lotion, hand sanitizer and other cosmetics are less likely to creep in. That being said, be absolutely sure there is an opening to the back of the diamond for cleaning! If the diamond is completely enclosed, when it does get dirty, it can be difficult to clean even for a jeweler.

Con: If your best engagement ring has elements like split shank, cathedral setting or other strong design elements, low set may not combine well. For example, a split shank low setting can have an overall chunky, heavy look. And by nature a cathedral setting means the foundation crescendos up toward the center stone, which is tough to pull of in combination with a low profile!

Con: Probably the biggest con is that a wedding band will either have to be curved, chevron or custom made to hug the engagement ring as a straight band will not sit flush. If you have your heart set on a straight diamond band or an eternity band as a wedding band, low profile may not be your friend.


How Can I Shop For A Low Setting?

We highly recommend shopping for this particular setting in person and not online. Why? Primarily for the last “con” listed above. You must try on wedding bands while shopping...yes in real life! You may not purchase it at the same time, but you want to have confidence that you like a wedding band with this ring style and won’t be stressing about creating one before your big day. Trust me, it breaks our heart to see a bride who can’t find a wedding ring that she loves with her engagement ring!


To The Inspo!

Here are our favorite low profile engagement ring styles. Enjoy!


This yellow gold diamond ring with accent baguette cut diamonds is simply dreamy. This sits right next to the finger and given the amount of bling involved, chances are you may not even want a wedding band with this ring...just let it stand proud.


This rose gold engagement ring by Parade Designs out of California has all the right vibes. The center stone is a rose cut diamond, which was typically cut over 100 years ago, but is once again in vogue. A rose cut diamond is faceted on the top, but flat on the bottom, which makes it a perfect candidate to sit low to the finger.


a white gold engagement ring with a round diamond and halo

Tacori is not renowned for low settings but this one has always been one of our favorites. A delicate halo engagement ring set into crisp white gold still has gorgeous Tacori details on the profile.


a yellow gold engagment ring with white gold accents holding the small side diamonds

Can you tell Parade Designs has stolen our hearts on low profile engagement rings? This two tone (a mix of yellow gold with white gold details) ring is perfect for a round cut diamond. We love the fun, unexpected details - smaller diamonds on one side and rich yellow gold on the other. Perfect! This ring is ready for a diamond or gemstone of your choice (sold separately).


a rose cut diamond is the feature stone in this rose gold engagement ring with a knife edge band

Another rose cut diamond phenom. This time note the stunning bezel setting, enhanced but delicate milgrain. A smaller diamond on each side makes this a classic three stone ring. The piece-de-resistance is a very narrow, yet secure, knife edge foundation.


a pear shaped rose cut diamond is on a yellow gold diamond encrusted band

Never has a 2.00 carat diamond been set lower than in this absolutely breathtaking ring. I found it at the jewelry show in Las Vegas and had to purchase it for our Kelowna showroom. There will never be another like it. A large pear shaped rose cut is set with side stones and subtle vintage inspired details.


a white gold diamond engagement ring with art deco inspired details

Art deco vibes radiate off this engagement ring by SimonG out of California. Pavé-set diamonds adorn the shoulders of this setting and perfectly set off a round diamond center (sold separately).


an emerald cut diamond is bezel set on a narrow yellow gold ring

A emerald cut diamond rests gracefully on this minimalist solitaire engagement ring by Noam Carver. This style typically suits up to a 1.50 carat but virtually any diamond shape can be accommodated. If you are a pro/con lover like me, you’ll want to explore “What Is The Best Diamond Shape For An Engagement Ring?”

Pro tip: if you are thinking of a bezel setting for your dream diamond engagement ring, be sure to allow extra order time for the ring to be crafted for the diamond or gemstone you have chosen. Especially if it is a shape like marquise, cushion cut, princess cut or an oval diamond, the artisan or jeweler pretty much has to have the diamond in hand to ensure the bezel is designed perfectly for your center stone.


a round brilliant cut diamond is set into a white gold bypass style setting

This low set round diamond is set into a half bezel or bypass style ring - a true classic engagement ring style. The white gold band is just a touch wider to have a secure, well placed spot on the finger. Again, this is a style that looks fabulous as a solo ring, no wedding ring required. However, should you decide to have a wedding band made for this ring style, typically it will have a peak to fit into the negative space.

Pro tip: Designing a wedding band is not for the faint of heart. You will be without your precious ring for weeks as the craftsman will need your engagement ring in his hands to carver the wedding ring to fit. Also, you will will not see the finished product until it’s done and in many cases that’s too late to make changes.


an emerald cut diamond is set into a vintage inspired ring with a hidden halo

There are so many wonderful design elements in this art deco inspired ring by Noam Carver. Warm yellow gold is the perfect foundation for the vintage details and milgrain. An emerald cut diamond is showcased with dramatic eagle prongs and a luxurious hidden halo accents the diamond band. Although the photo is shown with an emerald cut diamond, we also think a radiant cut or even an asscher cut diamond would look simply fabulous in this ring. As you get to choose the center stone, you can have it any way you desire!


In Summary:

There are so many gorgeous low profile ring settings! If you have an active lifestyle or even if this vibe is simply your jam, designers like Tacori, SimonG, Noam Carver and Parade Designs all craft engagement rings for this particular request. So visit our Kelowna jewelry store today and explore these in real life to decide which is your perfect one. We can’t wait to see you.

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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