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2024's Engagement Ring Trends Unveiled

2024's Engagement Ring Trends Unveiled

Engagement ring trends for 2024. Just saying it gives me goosebumps! I am so excited to share in the unveiling of the trends that brides are going to be gravitating toward this year. Gemstones, bespoke, eco-friendly fashion trends that are sure to make your heart go pitty pat.

When it comes to choosing your perfect engagement ring, every person has distinct preferences, style and desires. While some want a big, sparkly diamond, others may care less about the size of the diamond and more about the overall design of the ring. Some may prefer a gemstone over a diamond or forgo a center stone entirely in favor of an eternity band. Each person’s individual style varies, which is why we see engagement ring trends evolve over time. 

Engagement rings are no longer simply about white gold or yellow gold solitaire rings at the jewelers. Just as modern-day couples personalize their wedding experience to reflect their own love story, they also put their unique stamp on the wedding rings they choose. Here are some of the most alluring engagement ring trends that will shine in 2024. 



Bespoke diamond engagement rings are always a good idea. Your love story can be honored and celebrated by small touches and tweaks to an existing engagement ring style that are unique to you as a couple. In addition, fashion trends may come and go but the heirloom details that you incorporate will endure long beyond next year and the year after that. Consider a few ways to choose a detail:

A unique center stone

Choosing a colored lab grown diamond in a soft hue of baby pink or blue is one way to set off the boldness of a bespoke ring as the majority of engagement rings in 2024 will still favor a traditional white diamond.

A unique gemstone accent

Does your beloved have a favorite color? A small accent gemstone can be incorporated to symbolize this attachment. We love this idea! For inspiration we look to Tacori.

A Tacori engagement ring customized with ruby accents
Their customer requested pink sapphires to complement the bride to be’s love of all things pink. It turned out so amazing! We think pink diamonds would look equally as stunning *wink wink*.

A custom engraving

Do you have a special little phrase that means something to you as a couple? A particular date? Why not engrave that inside your engagement ring design? Even if it is inside the ring, it’s a little something that is private to you as a couple. Pro tip: If you decide engraving is something you want to do, it’s best to ensure you have the correct ring size before you engrave. If you do the engraving first and the ring doesn’t fit, after sizing you’ll need to do it again.


Rose gold

in the wide world of engagement rings styles, rose gold is not just one of the popular choices. It’s a crucial design element that makes a ring truly unique. Rose gold has a soft, feminine, rosy glow and is the perfect backdrop for not only white diamonds but also gemstones and colored diamonds in a variety of hues. There is simply no other precious metal like it. Heirloom vibes crafted out of rose gold are sure to shine in 2024. They have a synergy like no other.

a rose gold diamond engagement ring with side diamonds

This rose gold diamond engagement ring features a rose cut diamond on a whimsy diamond studded band.

a rose gold diamond solitaire engagement ring

Also trending on social media is a simple solitaire diamond engagement ring with craftsmanship in rose gold. A solo diamond pops when set into warm rose gold. This simple and elegant dramatic diamond engagement ring features a basket of pave diamonds underneath the crown holding your natural mined or lab grown diamond. No wonder major awards were won for it’s designer, Noam Carver!



Gemstone engagement ring designs are skyrocketing like no other. Many brides wish to forego the conventions of a traditional white diamond in favor some something unique to her. If you are contemplating a gemstone engagement ring, you’ll want to refer to our blog “Gemstone Engagement Rings: What You Need To Know” to discover some helpful tips on choosing a gem to last a lifetime. This will ensure your ring is not only distinctive to your personality but will also endure.

blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring

This blue sapphire stunner has it all. White gold for durability and unparalleled crispness against the gem. The oval cut blue sapphire gives us all royal vibes (thank you Princess Diana!) and we simply adore the leafy marquise cut diamonds which flank each side of the blue sapphire. Perfection!

a spessartite garnet and diamond ring

This 2.04 carat spessartite garnet ring stole my heart on a recent buying trip. First off, I am in love with pear shaped diamonds and gems, I think they are SO dreamy. And I fell in love with the whimsy design of this ring with it’s additional pear shaped white diamonds and flow to the band. It’s absolutely outstanding.


Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cut diamonds are set to make a dramatic footprint in 2024. Emerald cut diamonds are considered a step cut, meaning that there are long, flat facets that give the effect like looking into a perfectly gleaming window. While emerald cut diamonds look fantastic in rose gold and yellow gold, my favorite is when they are against the backdrop of crisp and clean white gold or platinum:

an emerald cut diamond engagement ring

This stunning natural mined emerald cut diamond is set into luxurious yet incredibly durable platinum. This unique design is from Tacori’s Dantela collection, “Dantela” having the meaning of “lace” in the Romanian language. The stunning heirloom inspired details bring the diamond to life!

A three stone emerald cut engagement ring

This simple and elegant cut is especially wonderful in a lab grown diamond. I am obsessed with this Atelier engagement ring design from Noam Carver. The three stone ring boasts bezel set diamonds on a simple white gold band. The ring setting is sold separately from the center stone so that really give you the flexibility to incorporate either a natural mined or lab grown diamond and even a gemstone if you prefer.


In Summary:

2024 is set to be light, bright and full of promise. If you are planning on getting engaged in 2024 we hope this blog has been aspirational and given you some ideas on trends for the year. We would also welcome you in store anytime to try these rings on in real life and find your dream diamond engagement ring.

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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