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6 Jewelry Essentials Every Woman Should Have

6 Jewelry Essentials Every Woman Should Have

Jewelry has power. Whether your style is classic & minimalist, boho chic, vintage glam or easy breezy country, your jewelry follows suit. At Perrara, we believe there are timeless jewelry staples that every woman should have. Why? These are your go-to, must-have, always feel dressed up in essentials. The fine jewelry that you can wear with Lululemon’s or a little black dress. And they are pieces of jewelry that you can make your own, by following your style. Here are our top recommendations along with curated selections:


  1. Diamond Stud Earrings

Naturally, the most classic piece first! Diamond stud earrings are that one iconic piece that go with everything- from jeans and a t-shirt to a special occasion with ease. If your skin is not too sensitive, this is even a piece you can sleep in & it will just become part of you. Most diamond studs are set into very simple classic white gold settings but yellow gold prongs follow in a close second.

a woman wearing teardrop shaped diamond stud earrings

That being said, if you’re the type of woman to stray from the popular, why not choose something that is more unique? We love how these Snowflake earrings from Birks have that classic diamond stud look, but with a pop of extra “wow”.

Birks snowflake stud earrings on the top and convertible stud/drops on the bottom

Top Snowflake Studs  

Bottom Convertible Snowflake Studs 


  1. Stacking Rings

We absolutely adore stacking rings at Perrara! They have the ability to transform your finger into a beautiful memory stack. I have a client who has four stacking bands with her children’s birthstones. Another who commemorates milestones in her career with additional diamond stackers. What memories will you commemorate with stackable bands? Don’t save them for special occasions - wear them every day in various combinations depending on the whimsy of your mood. And the options are endless! Diamond stackers, gemstone stackers, carved white gold, yellow gold or rose gold...the point is the sentiment & what it means to you.

diamond stacking bands in white and rose gold

Stacking bands by Noam Carver, available in store at Perrara

stacking bands by Birks

Left: Snowflake Band by Birks

Top Right: Rosee du Matin Band by Birks

Top Bottom: Yellow Gold Splash Band by Birks


  1. Gold Chain

a woman wearing layered yellow gold chains

Yellow gold chain is the bomb! Nothing says classic jewelry quite like a chain necklace. Or in the spirit of essentials #2, layered chain! Vary the weight, the link, the length, maybe throw in a pendant necklace to mix up the texture. Every jewelry collection needs a few gold chains to bring some life to an outfit. Don't forget gold chain as arm candy! Layer a few thin gold bracelets alongside a bangle bracelet for the ultimate textured stack. Perfect.


  1. A Cocktail Ring

a white gold diamond & spessartite garnet cocktail ring

My mom used to have the ultimate cocktail ring collection...I loved it. My best friend and I would play “jewelry store” with my mom’s jewelry collection. We were mesmerized by the giant gems atop narrow bands. The big gold baubles. We knew these rings were special. Even to this day, when I see a woman with a statement ring, it gives me all the feels. While this piece need not be extravagant, it’s a piece every woman needs to make her feel powerful and extraordinarily feminine.


  1. Pearls

Pearls are like diamond stud earrings: just the most timeless, quintessential, classic adornment. Whether you choose an elegant strand of pearls, pearl earrings or a pearl necklace there’s a way to make these your own.

large baroque pearl on a long silver necklace

At Perrara, we love a twist on a classic and for this we turn to Birks. Their pearl collections (crafted in either sterling silver or luxe 18K gold) range from the classic to modern. Jewelry essentials? We think so!

four pearls of varying sizes adorn this yellow gold necklace

  1. Hoop Earrings

There are SO many choices in hoop earrings, you may want to add a few of these variations:

  • Gold Hoop Earrings

    The classic yellow gold, high polished hoop earring is a jewelry staple. Choose between small and petite (ideal for new moms or those who would like to sleep in their earrings), medium, or large for dramatic punch.

  • Diamond Hoops

Diamond hoops will elevate any outfit to “wow”. Again size matters & is completely personal preference and dependent on your style.girl wearing two pairs of diamond hoop earrings
  • Gemstone Hoops
  • Definitely less common but oh so striking when the right woman has the right color. You’ll want to choose carefully: whatever color of gemstone you choose will be right next to your face so you’ll absolutely want to try these on before you purchase (don’t let your jeweler say no!)


In Summary:

Engagement rings, move over! There are so many pieces of jewelry every woman should own and make her own. These special cocktail rings, hoops, pair of diamond studs & layered gold chain are the pieces you know look amazing on you. The ones you know you feel good in no matter what. They go with everything because they are a reflection of your personal style. Enjoy mon cheri.

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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