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Everything You Need To Know About Diamond Bracelets

Everything You Need To Know About Diamond Bracelets

a happy woman has her hands to her face showing 3 stacked diamond bracelets

There is arguably no more opulent piece of jewelry than a diamond bracelet. When we think of other classics like diamond studs we think of jewels that can be worn daily, maybe that we even sleep in. But a diamond bracelet evokes an elevated outfit, something that is worn for a special occasion, to celebrate a great milestone. But can we strike a balance between every day and needing a special event to don a diamond bracelet? Absolutely! With this buying guide, we hope to help you discover how to make this a piece that you will reach for more often than not. This article is dedicated to everything you need to know about diamond bracelets. First let’s explore the different styles.


Tennis Bracelets

What is a tennis bracelet?

A classic tennis bracelet (also referred to as an eternity bracelet) is a bracelet design that consists of a symmetrical row of diamonds, or other gemstones like rubies, in a single line.


Why the name ‘tennis bracelet’?

3 diamond tennis bracelets in white gold stacked together

Shop the top prong set bracelet
Shop the middle half bezel set bracelet

This piece of jewelry owes its name to a famous incident at the 1987 US Open tournament. A tennis player named Chris Evert served a ball to her opponent so briskly that her diamond bracelet flew off her wrist. The officials had to stop the match and help her locate her diamond bracelet before the game could continue! And there you have it, a famous tennis match almost 40 years ago coined a jewelry term we still use today.


Can I wear a diamond tennis bracelet every day?

In our opinion, this depends on the craftsmanship of the piece. If you seek a diamond tennis bracelet for everyday wear, here are a few things to look for when shopping:

  • The strength will come from the amount of precious metal used to craft the bracelet. A high quality diamond tennis bracelet should feel dense or heavy in your hand. It should feel like it has some weight to it. If it feels light, it will not have the internal strength to stand up to daily wear. In my personal view, a minimum of 15 grams of gold or platinum would be the absolute minimum required to be considered an every day piece of jewelry.

  • The color of gold is going to have an impact on the durability. While personal preference will certainly dictate what color of precious metal you ultimately choose, it’s important to note that each color of gold has a unique strength due to the alloy that is added. The strongest color of gold is white gold. Next yellow gold. Finally, rose gold is the softest color. If at all possible, choose white gold if you are are going to live in this piece! We do not recommend sterling silver, it is too soft of a metal to secure important diamonds.

  • Proper fitting of your wrist size is key to everyday wear. A diamond tennis bracelet should be quite fitted to the wrist. You don’t want a ton of movement or a lot of slack on the wrist. It should feel secure on your wrist, without a sense that it could easily get caught on clothing or other objects. Determining your bracelet size is simple, just use a soft measuring tape to measure your wrist size. Easy peasy.

  • When I wear a diamond tennis bracelet day in and day out, sleeping in and even showering in it, I have my goldsmith make the safety clasps extra tight so that there is no way they will accidentally open. When I do want to remove it for cleaning or perhaps travelling, it will take some elbow grease to get it off but that only reassures me when I am wearing it that there is no way it will come off without my knowledge!

    What diamond shapes can be used in a diamond tennis bracelet?

    Virtually any shape can be used in a diamond eternity bracelet, however, the most popular and desired shape is round brilliant cut diamonds. Please consider:

    • Round cut diamonds offer the most variety in how the diamonds are set. The setting style most commonly associated with the classic tennis bracelet is prong set diamonds. Each diamond will most likely have four prongs. This style of setting allows the maximum diameter of each diamond to be seen and appreciated by your loved one.

    • Another gorgeous setting style is bezel set or half bezel set as in the image above.  We adore the ease of wearing this tennis bracelet style. The fact that there are no prongs means each diamond is super smooth to the touch and never will you have to worry about a prong snagging on clothing or household linens.

    Here’s a few takeaways if your personal preference leans toward a fancy shape:

    • Princess cut diamonds, which have a square outline, need to be meticulously matched for exact diameter, cut grade and cutting style. Otherwise your diamond line may tend to “wave” or not look super straight when on the wrist.

    • Pear cut diamonds look incredible in a tennis bracelet, as is the case in this gorgeous creation by Tacori. Each diamond is prong set and given the shape of pear cut diamonds, this piece has tons of texture and intrigue.a white gold tennis bracelet made out of pear (or teardrop) shaped diamonds

    • Baguette cut diamonds or emerald cut diamonds can be a fun way to express your personal style, especially if that is the cut of diamond you have chosen for your engagement ring.

    a tennis bracelet set with emerald cut diamonds & another set with round cut diamonds


    How are tennis bracelets priced?

    As with all fine jewelry, they are priced based on the total carat weight of diamonds in the piece and the diamond shape. Whether you choose natural diamonds or lab grown diamonds, take note of the combined diamond weight. This will be expressed as “4.51 total carat weight” for example, meaning that the total weight of all the diamonds is 4.51 carats. As with all diamonds, the clarity and color will also be a significant factor. And lastly the karat of gold and gram weight will be taken into consideration.


    Other Diamond Bracelet Styles


    A diamond bangle is a wonderful twist on the classic tennis bracelet. Bangle are solid pieces of jewelry (whereas bracelets are much more flexible). A diamond bangle can be worn on it’s own as a stunning stand alone piece or stacked with other bracelets or bangles. We are presently enamored with this Crescent Eclipse bangle by Tacori. Diamonds are set into sections creating a bright gleaming cluster of sparkle set off by white gold.

    a white gold diamond bangle with sections of diamonds


    Chain Link Bracelets

    If your personal style leans in to the bold and bespoke, consider a diamond bracelet with a twist. Here’s a few of our favorite examples:

    a white gold chain link bracelet set with sections of bezel set round cut diamonds

    This Splash bracelet by Birks boasts sections of bezel set round cut diamonds. We love the whimsy of each section being offset by crisp white gold. This piece has several settings so it fits a variety of wrist sizes and can be easily adjusted to achieve your perfect fit.

    a diamond solitaire bracelet on a doubled white gold chain link

    This Splash bracelet by Birks offers a quietly bold alternative: one simple round cut diamond bezel set on a double row chain bracelet. I would wear this everywhere!

    a yellow gold link bracelet with sections of round cut diamonds

    This Crescent Eclipse link bracelet from Tacori checks all the boxes for us. Warm yellow gold? Check. Tons of impeccably matched diamonds? Check. A solid, luxurious feel. Check.

    a yellow gold chain link bracelet with a surfboard shaped section of diamonds

    This bracelet from Tacori is from their now retired Ivy Lane collection. We love the heirloom vibes of this piece of jewelry. Graduating diamonds are set into a surfboard style keeping all the glittering diamonds front and center.


    In Summary:

    Diamond bracelets top the list of in diamond jewelry that we feel deserves a standing ovation. This is a truly classic, eternal piece that can have a powerful effect on our emotions, especially when it is gifted by a loved one. Whether an heirloom piece passed from mom to daughter, to celebrate a milestone anniversary or just because you love her, consider a diamond bracelet to express your feelings. It is a piece of jewelry like no other.

    With Love, Perrara

    Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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