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Everything You Need To Know About Halo Engagement Rings

Everything You Need To Know About Halo Engagement Rings

There is arguably none more romantic, timeless and intense than halo diamond engagement rings. Of all engagement ring designs, there are unlimited and wonderful versions of halo styles. Double halo. Hidden halo. Floral halo. With larger diamonds in the halo. With delicate smaller diamonds in the halo. There are so many details to consider. This article aims to provide some insight into design and desirability in recent years paired with a whole lot of inspiration. If your personal style leans into a halo engagement ring, please enjoy!


What is a halo engagement ring?

A halo engagement ring means there is a string of diamonds (or gemstones) around the center stone. This setting style can be used to accent any diamond shape (including fancy shaped like marquise, radiant and pear-shaped center diamonds). The size of the diamonds in the halo will impact the overall visual appearance of your center diamond. Larger diamonds in the halo will make your center stone look enormous. Smaller stones can achieve a subtle accent that speaks to an understated look.


What makes a halo engagement ring unique?

Unlike a solitaire engagement ring, a halo engagement ring has a more embellished, design forward vibe. The elements of how the accent stones are set, in what overall shape they give and of course how large or small they are all impact the look.

One thing that makes a halo engagement ring really stand out is its ability to create the visual effect of a larger carat size center stone. From afar, a 1 carat center diamond appears much larger with a halo, up to 2 carats of effect! No matter what carat diamond you choose, a halo will help you increase the visual appeal.


Who wore it best?

For decades, Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring gifted by now King Prince Charles has been the quintessential halo engagement ring. In recent years of course, it has been adorned by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. The center stone is a stunning oval shaped blue sapphire with a halo of glittering round diamonds. The foundation is a simple yellow gold band. This engagement ring style is rich with heritage and royal vibes.


Can I have a halo engagement ring custom made using my diamonds?

At Perrara, we would highly suggest allowing the designer of your engagement ring to provide the diamonds for the halo. To create that seamless, perfect ring, the diamonds selected for a halo need to be meticulously matched for color, clarity, cut and diameter, otherwise you may end up with a bit of a wonky halo design (which is not what we are looking for!)


To the inspiration!

Here are some of our most drool worthy halo engagement ring settings, available to see and try on in store. Which speaks to your heart?

 an oval halo engagement ring


This oval shaped diamond is set into Tacori’s iconic Dantela collection. The open arms of the band reach gracefully toward the minimal halo design, just a hint of intrigue but enough oomph to draw your eye in to the gorgeous center diamond.

Did you know? If you decide that a halo engagement is to be forever yours, the ring should be crafted around your desired center stone. This is especially important if you choose any shape other than round cut. The halo must be crafted with the exact specifications and dimensions of the center in mind otherwise you risk gaps or undesired air between the center stone and the halo.

 a full bloom diamond engagement ring


This Full Bloom engagement ring from Tacori is an intense diamond look. Tacori affectionately dubs this the “bloom” not halo, creating a seamless blanket of diamonds surrounding the center stone. We love that the diamonds are larger on this bloom, giving it an amped up appeal. The rose gold foundation perfectly showcases this beautiful bloom. Shown with diamond “twin” wedding bands on each side, helping you to envision the finished wedding ring stack.


a round cut diamond with a cushion shaped halo of diamonds

From Simon G we have a classic round brilliant cut center diamond with a very fine halo of diamonds in a soft cushion shape. This means you can get all the sparkle and fire of a round brilliant cut diamond with the pillowy outline of a cushion shape.  The matching wedding band is an exact fit.


a princess cut diamond halo engagment ring

A stunning crisp design from Montreal based Noam Carver. This princess-cut diamond has a halo which perfectly follows the center, creating a bold elegant outline. We adore a princess-cut diamond halo engagement ring crafted from white gold (or platinum) so that all the sparkles shine through uninterrupted.


a white gold engagement ring with a geometric shaped halo of diamonds

Geometric heaven! This round brilliant cut diamond is set against the backdrop of a geometric halo. What a gorgeous way to express your personal style!


an oval shaped halo ring and a marquise shaped halo ring

The Inflori Collection from Tacori is another creative take on a bloom of diamonds. Note both rings have a round cut diamond, yet the left has an oval bloom of diamonds and the right has a marquise outline. What a lovely way to get all the sparkles of round diamonds with a texture and fun!

 an oval shaped diamond engagement ring


This oval shaped halo engagement ring by Simon G boasts a double halo - two glittering rows of diamonds around the center stone. We admire this execution on this particular ring because it truly enhances the soft outline of an oval cut diamond. The shank has a delicate split, creating a feeling of width yet still fine.

a floral diamond engagement ring


This is a stunning example of how a halo setting can create a feminine floral effect. Note how the diamonds in the halo are set tightly together and share prongs, which gives the halo a slightly flowery outline. If you are a nature lover, this engagement ring may just be your dream design.


a pear shaped diamond is set with a halo and diamond band

A pear-shaped diamond with a bloom of diamonds is simply fabulous. We love the composition of this design by Tacori. Tapered pave set diamonds touch in slightly as the foundation reaches to the center, which makes the center diamond look even more enormous.


an art deco inspired halo engagement ring

An Art-Deco inspired design from Noam Carver (currently not available in store). This white gold engagement ring embodies all those Art Deco elements we love: the center diamond is bezel set with soft milgrain accents. The halo is set slightly away from the bezel, creating effortless air. The halo itself is a geometric polygon - the ultimate Art Deco look!


an emerald cut diamond halo engagement ring

This emerald cut diamond engagement ring features a simple halo design, with slightly rounded edges instead of following the cut corners of the emerald cut diamond. The split in the band is oversized, almost giving the appearance of two individual bands.


a three stone halo engagement ring

Following on the heels of our previous design, this three stone engagement ring boasts a halo on the emerald cut center diamond, followed by perfectly matched emerald cut diamonds on each side.


Pro tip: if you love halo engagement rings and three stone designs be sure to try this combination on your hand prior to placing a special order. The addition of halos on all three main diamonds can make the overall ring much chunkier. You want to be absolutely certain you like this look on your finger, especially if you have a smaller ring size!


a diamond and sapphire engagement ring

If your dream is to incorporate colored gemstones into your engagement ring, Tacori has you covered. This dramatic design from the Dantela collection features a cushion cut diamond, stunning minimalist bloom of diamonds and electric blue sapphires to complete the three stone look. Polished off with pave diamonds on the foundation, this is truly a unique masterpiece.

If you want to feature a gemstone in your engagement ring, we highly recommend consulting the article “Gemstone Engagement Rings: What You Need to Know” for some helpful tips.


In Summary:

Halo engagement rings offer so much versatility in design elements, it can almost be dizzying! Take your time with this style of engagement ring. Visit your favorite ring at the jewelry store multiple times before making your final decision. You want to be sure your selection is absolutely “the” ring...the one that will represent forever.

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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