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Everything You Need to Know About Men's Wedding Bands

Everything You Need to Know About Men's Wedding Bands

You did it! You met the perfect girl. You found her perfect engagement ring. You popped the question. She said yes! Wedding planning has taken over dinner conversation and you love every minute of it. She mentions men’s wedding bands. What do you want? What do you like? Unlike engagement rings which those of the female persuasion ohh and ahh over on Pinterest, most guys haven’t given wedding rings much thought. Enter Perrara. We’re your Kelowna destination jeweler to give you as much information as you need or desire to pick the perfect wedding band for you. This post aims to give you some tips on shopping, explain some desired styles & finishes. Let’s delve in!

I digress. Before we delve in, shopping for a men’s wedding band is a little different from choosing an engagement ring. While we can show you a huge variety of rings in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum & palladium, there is a very good chance that we will be be special ordering your band. Most men’s wedding bands have pattern, finish or design that goes all the way around and we will need to order the band in your ring size. That means you can also choose your color of gold, desired metal and finish (more on that later). So while you try on a white gold ring that has a matte finish, maybe you want that same ring in rose gold. That’s totally possible! So keep an open mind and try to see past the actual ring in front of you and envision how to make it your own. It will be fun, I promise!


Your Complete Guide to...Band Styles

Most of the information in this article will focus on wedding bands crafted from precious metals. Gold and platinum rings make the best wedding bands for daily wear. We will touch on tungsten carbide, stainless steel, sterling silver & silicone at the end of the article.


Many guys channel their dad, their grandpa or even great grand pappy & desire a traditional wedding band. A classic men’s wedding ring is a narrow (5 or 6mm wide) high polish yellow gold rounded edge style ring. This will be your most comfortable option due to the narrow design and soft edges.

a high polish yellow gold wedding band with rounded edges

Pro tip: the narrower the band the more comfortable it will be to wear.

Carved or Patterned

a mens yellow gold band with a flat profile and a geometric pattern

Any men's wedding band in a precious metal can also be carved or patterned. This means there is a deep inherent design to the ring. This type of wedding band is very forgiving - often times the design will cover any scratches or dents you might acquire in life.

Diamond Wedding Bands

a narrow yellow gold band with round brilliant cut diamonds in the center

Diamonds are not just for engagement rings! The classic wedding ring can be a gorgeous way to showcase a diamond or two (or more of course). The diamonds will most likely be set into the gold band for ease of wear. You won’t want diamonds that are set high or prone to catching on things.

Gemstone Bands

a white gold band set with blue sapphires

Many different styles can be special ordered to accommodate gemstones into this special piece. This can be a great way to customize your wedding band. The caveat is you will want to choose gemstones that have a hardness factor that will go with your lifestyle. Sapphires or rubies would make the best choice. Other gems like emeralds, amethyst and different shades of topaz will not wear well over time (provided this is something you will wear on a daily basis).

Now that we’ve got a few band styles laid out, let’s talk about some of the most desired profiles you will encounter in men’s wedding bands.


Your Complete Guide to…Profiles


a white gold wedding band with rounded edges and a satin finish

The classic wedding band has a rounded profile on the exterior. This will make the ring appear slightly narrower than a flat profile.


a flat wedding band with a tantalum exterior

A flat ring is just that, completely flat on the exterior. Often resembling the shape of a pipe, this style is slightly less comfortable due to that crisp edge.


a white gold wedding band with rose gold beveled edges


A beveled band will typically be flat but the edges taper off. This profile really lends well to two texture finishes (a combination of high polish and satin finish for example) or two colors (combining white gold and yellow gold into the same ring).

Knife Edge

a wide rose gold band with a knife edge in the middle

A knife edge is where the centre of the wedding band is raised slightly into a soft peak.


Your Complete Guide to…Finishes

High Polish

a high polished white gold band set with princess cut diamonds

A high polish band is highly reflective and has a mirror-like appearance.

Satin Finish

Satin finish has a soft, matte like appearance, often with a slight grain to it. This still allows a soft luster to the metal.

Hammered Finish

yellow gold wedding band with hammered and satin finish

A hammered band will have a pebble-like appearance and is often combined with satin finish to tone down the sparkle.

Graffiti or Diamond Wire Brush

a wide yellow gold band with diamond wire brush finish

At Perrara, we affectionately refer to this as “pre-scratched”. A diamond wire brush gently etches a unique finish that looks like tiny scratches.

Florentine or Cross Hatch

a rose gold band with cross hatch finish

Similar to a graffiti finish, florentine or cross hatch is etching that crosses over, giving an appearance of “X’s” that are overlapping.


Your Complete Guide to...Unfamiliar Terms Your Jeweler May Use

Rhodium Plating

White gold is a mixture of pure gold (which is always yellow in color) and alloy that is white (common alloys are nickel and palladium). This gives the overall ring a whiteish color but because the ring is composed primarily of yellow gold, it will still have a warm overtone to it. Therefore, pretty much all white gold is rhodium plated, which gives it a bright white look. It’s important to note that rhodium plating will wear off and on a guy that is active and wearing his wedding ring to work, this may wear of faster than you would think. This means that it will not always have that bright white look. If that’s a bit of a deal-breaker for you, or you’re not keen on the maintenance involved, consider switching to platinum which is a naturally white metal.


Many unique men’s wedding bands feature an inlay of sorts. Some classic examples are enamel, wood, carbon fiber and other metals like tantalum. If you are thinking about a band with an inlay, we highly recommend discussing it with your local jeweler. Many inlays are fragile and susceptible to tarnishing, dents, damage and are not scratch-resistant.


A comfort-fit men’s wedding band is rounded on the inside. This means the ring will be, as the name suggests, more comfortable.


A d-shape men’s wedding ring is flat on the inside, more like the inner profile of a women’s ring.


Alloys are used to create different karats and colors of gold. For example, to create rose gold, pure yellow gold is mixed with alloys that have a pink color, such as copper.



What karat of gold should I buy?

While this is a personal decision, the two most common factors are 1. durability and 2. budget. The higher the karat, the more pure gold is in the ring. For example, 14K means that 58.5% of the ring is pure yellow gold and the rest is alloys. Since pure gold is extremely soft, the higher the karat, generally the softer the metal will be. Regarding budget, the higher the karat the more expensive the ring will be. At Perrara, we carry wedding rings for men that can be special ordered in your choice of karat & color to not only achieve the look you want, but also help you stick to any budget you are comfortable with.

Should I buy a platinum wedding band?

Platinum is a highly desired choice for men’s wedding bands. Platinum is a naturally white metal that wears beautifully over time. Platinum is not a scratch-resistant metal so it’s important to note that it will get scuffed and scratched over time. Your local jeweler should be able to buff the scratches out but any deep dents may linger.

Pro tip: Due to it’s purity in a piece of jewelry, platinum is naturally hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice if you have sensitive skin or allergies to metals.

How can I determine my ring size?

Retailers like us have many, many ring sizers to help determine your perfect ring size. It’s super important to choose your ring style and then have your ring finger measured properly, by a professional, for the ring you’ve chosen.

Why should I buy a gold wedding ring instead of an alternative option?

Platinum or gold wedding rings have longevity that many alternative options just don’t give you. Tungsten carbide, which is a super hard form of glass, is susceptible to breakage. Stainless steel will tarnish. Sterling silver is simply too soft for daily wear by a man. And while silicone is an awesome option for a backup (think camping, going to the gym or sports) it is obviously not going to stand up to daily wear. In our experience, these alternative men’s bands are worn briefly but don’t last. Why not start with a band in a precious metal that you will have 30, 40 or 50 years down the road?

Pro tip: Most alternative metal wedding bands cannot be sized. This means that if your finger size changes, you will be unable to have the band refitted. Gold or platinum wedding bands can always be readjusted by a qualified goldsmith!

Should my wedding band match my fiancee’s engagement ring?

Instead of matching, think “complimentary”. Consider complimenting the color of metal on her engagement ring. Or how the diamonds may be set. Or maybe there is a small element that makes her ring unique and you can tie it into your band. There’s no rules so have fun.

rose gold engagement ring and matching wedding band alongside a complimentary mens band


In Summary:

There are many factors to consider in choosing the perfect ring. At Perrara, we have trusted advisors who endeavor to understand your lifestyle, personal style and budget. We can then make thoughtful and educated suggestions that will endure. We have chosen to only carry highly respected brands that have long history in the jewelry industry. We love these designers for their thoughtful designs, ability for customization and outstanding warranties.

Now that you have some big questions and unfamiliar terms made familiar, it’s time to shop! Try on lots of styles, colors of metal and different designs in order to narrow down your perfect ring.

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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