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Everything You Need To Know About Tacori

Everything You Need To Know About Tacori

At Perrara, we are proud to have been chosen as the only authorized Tacori retail partner in the Okanagan Valley. Who is Tacori? What are they known for? Why should I choose a Tacori engagement ring? What should I know about this iconic luxury brand? Here’s the tea on everything you need to know.

Who is Tacori?

Tacori is an iconic California-based brand of high-quality, luxurious engagement rings, wedding bands & fine jewelry. Every single one of Tacori’s stunning, premium, and unique rings and jewelry are handcrafted by artisans in California. Tacori’s reputation in the jewelry industry is world renowned; their commitment to master artisans working and living in California is at the core of everything they do.

jewelry artisans at work crafting jewelry

a master artisan sets diamonds with the aid of a microscope for precision

What is Tacori’s history?

Gilda & Haig Tacorian are the founders of this iconic brand. After years of watching their parents build the Tacori brand, Paul and Nadine, son and daughter of Haig and Gilda have joined the family business as CEO and COO respectively, with their father Haig as Chairman.

“Our work is above all joyful. We do what we love, and we love what we do.
Our pieces help mark new chapters, close old ones, remind us of our roots, and launch new lifetimes.”

What is Tacori best known for?

Tacori is most well known for their engagement ring settings and wedding bands. Think heirloom inspired yet modern in design elements. These rings are only crafted out of precious metals, the one most recommended by Tacori being platinum. 18K yellow gold, rose gold & white gold are also available in most ring styles so ultimately you can choose the best ring for you. Here are a few of the collections that have stolen our hearts:

Founder’s Collection

a simple solitaire engagement ring with a hidden halo

The founders collection was designed by Haig Tacorian himself, with lots of love we’re sure! Effortless elegance, characterized by striking simplicity and timeless appeal. This collection is available in platinum & 18K rose gold or yellow gold and requires a minimum 1.50 carat center stone. This solitaire can be customized for your desired shape of diamond (yes, you can choose whatever you want and Tacori will customize the ring for you!) Note the beautiful Tacori Touch of diamond at the bottom of the foundation, a detail just for you.

Simply Tacori

an oval cut diamond has a teardrop pear shaped diamond on each side

The Simply Tacori collection has something for every bride to be. Sophisticated, classic and with just a hint of playfulness. This oval cut diamond is flanked by two pear cut diamonds and meticulously hand set smaller diamonds on the inner face. But again, all Tacori settings can be customized to your choice of center stone, in fact special orders are truly what sets Tacori apart.

Petite Crescent

a petite crescent engagement ring and matching wedding band

If you lust for a diamond intense ring stack, consider Petite Crescent! This signature design showcases the Tacori crescent on the inner face of each engagement ring and wedding band. Your choice of with or without a Tacori bloom of diamonds around your center stone. This crescent design is powerful and striking from every angle, truly the work of expert artisans.


a pear cut diamond on a platinum diamond encrusted ring setting

The RoyalT Tacori design is for center stones that are 2.00 carat and above. These Tacori rings boast expert craftsmanship for a large center diamond. We highly recommend viewing this collection in platinum as it feels so luxurious and decadent, yet these rings can also be crafted in 18K yellow gold or rose gold as well if that is your desire. Tacori’s California Design Studios love customization requests especially those involving a unique center stone (think a dramatic gemstone, like an heirloom blue sapphire).

We’ve only scratched the surface of the many, many engagement ring collections that Tacori has crafted but one thing is sure: with Tacori you are bound to find your perfect ring. Visit and explore all the options!


Does Tacori make a wedding band to match each engagement ring?

Tacori has done something even better! While yes, there is a “match” to each engagement ring, many of Tacori’s wedding bands are complimentary with other collections so you can find your perfect combination. As all Tacori rings have elements of their crescent fabric, they all go together. So try on many different variations until you find your perfect stack!

diamond wedding bands in white gold, yellow gold & rose gold

Does Tacori make eternity bands?

Absolutely. Many, if not all Tacori wedding bands can be customized to be eternity (meaning the diamonds go all the way around the band). In the RoyalT collection there are also eternity bands featuring natural diamonds, rubies or sapphires in various diamond shapes.

What if I see a ring on Tacori’s website but you don’t have it?

An excellent question! If we don’t have it, we will reach out to Tacori in California and see if they have a sample they can send us for you to see in real life. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase the piece or place an order. Simply let us know the style you want to see and we’ll get connected with Tacori!

Does Tacori make mens wedding bands?

Yes! While Tacori’s engagement rings are effortlessly feminine and beautiful, they’ve also designed men’s wedding bands that have a complimentary “Tacori Touch”. These rings look ah-mazing in wedding photos, highlighting a unity of design that is unique to the couple.

a diamond eternity band with emerald cut diamonds alongside a complimentary mens band

Where can I buy Tacori engagement rings & wedding bands?

Tacori engagement rings and wedding bands are only showcased at Authorized Tacori Retail Partners, like Perrara. If you are not in the Okanagan Valley, consult’s Store Locator to find the nearest location to you.

Will Tacori customize a ring just for me?

Girl, you have no idea! This is one of the things we love about this designer. You want pink sapphires especially designed into your one of a kind engagement ring? Tacori will make it happen!

a diamond is being set into a rose gold engagment ring with accent pink sapphires

In Summary:

In case you can’t tell, at Perrara we ADORE Tacori! We’ve had the pleasure to visit Haig & Gilda in their home, yes they are those down to earth people! We enjoy each and every interaction with Paul and Nadine, who are truly visionaries in jewelry design. And it feels amazing to be able to bring such a high-quality, luxury brand to Kelowna. If you’re searching for your dream engagement ring, wedding band or eternity band, visit us and explore our vast collection of Tacori. You will be glad you did!

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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