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Is Jewelry A Good Anniversary Gift?

Is Jewelry A Good Anniversary Gift?

Ohmigosh YES. While anniversary gifts can encompass so many directions, jewelry is arguably one of the most personal, sentimental and universally adored gifts received. You’ve splurged on her dream engagement ring and wedding bands. Anniversary gifts are different: they are an opportunity to reflect on your evolving relationship with each passing year. Gifting fine jewelry to celebrate a milestone anniversary or even your first anniversary shows a sentiment like no other. With this article we hope to give you a gift guide, inspiration, aspiration and insight into some stunning anniversary gift ideas, gifts which will be forever woven into the fabric of your lives year after year.


First Year

Gold jewelry is traditionally considered to be the first year anniversary gift. A simple gold necklace, bangle or pair of earrings will shower your loved one with warm sentiments. Birks has some incredible ideas for you: crafted in Italy from luxurious 18K gold:

a yellow gold necklace with a leaf design

The Petale Pendant Necklace is so simple yet powerfully gorgeous. We love that it is an ultra feminine yellow gold piece of jewelry with a simple design - perfect for everyday wear.

a simple yellow gold wire bangle bracelet

The Birks Essentials yellow gold bangle is a timeless gift. Not only does it look gorgeous on it’s own but it makes a great stackable accessory. She can pair it with other bangles or even a diamond tennis bracelet down the road.

yellow gold bar style earrings

These yellow gold bar stud earrings are absolutely precious! We love that they can be worn straight down (and have the tiniest effect of drop earrings) or be worn upwards, sitting in a crawler style on the ear.


Fifth Anniversary

Sapphire is the gemstone associated with the fifth wedding anniversary. Most people envision a rich royal blue when they think of sapphire but it also comes in a variety of pink, yellow and teal so there’s plenty of ways to reflect on her personal style when choosing one.

a teardrop shaped blue sapphire is bezel set and has white diamonds on the band

This Splash ring from Birks features a rich blue sapphire in an east-west bezel setting. If you’re not familiar, bezel means that the gold (in this case white gold) encircles the entire gemstone. There are no prongs, the bezel securely holds the sapphire without possibility of snagging. This makes it the ultimate every day right hand ring!

a blue sapphire wrap bracelet

This blue sapphire wrap bracelet is one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry! It is 34 inches in length, enabling her to wear it as a long necklace, doubled to sit higher on the neck or as shown, wrapped around the wrist. We love the ease of adjustment with several settings for length and the little cascading tassel at the end. Bonus: also available in pink sapphire!

If gemstones aren’t really her vibe, consider a pair of diamond earrings in lieu of a traditional gift. Here are some of our favorites:

white gold diamond stud earrings

These diamond stud earrings feature four round brilliant cut diamonds set together to form a soft square shape. These could be worn daily (yes, even with Lululemon’s) or saved for a special occasion.

Meghan Markle wearing yellow gold petale diamond earrings

She can channel her inner royal vibe with these Birks Petale earrings often worn by the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. They sit really close to the ear and have striking presence without being overly big or showy.

2.00 total carat weight lab grown diamond studs

Solitaire diamond stud earrings are the epitome of chic. These particular studs are crafted out of white gold and feature 2.00 total carat weight of lab grown diamonds. The perfect anniversary gift? I think so!


10th Anniversary

Diamonds are the gemstone assigned to the tenth wedding anniversary because they symbolize longevity, invincibility, and love. Diamond jewelry? You have a plethora of choices!

a diamond tennis bracelet by Tacori

This Classic Crescent diamond tennis bracelet from Tacori boasts almost 6.50 carats of pear and round brilliant cut diamonds. What a showstopper!

a diamond necklace by birks

Make a splash with this Splash diamond necklace from Birks. Cascading bezel set diamonds are set into classic white gold, making this a piece she will reach for at every opportunity.

an emerald cut diamond solitaire necklace in white gold

If her personal style leans more toward the simple, consider a solitaire diamond pendant. This is a piece of jewelry that she can wear with everything from a sundress to running gear, day to pre-dinner drinks on your ritual date night. Choose from a variety of diamond shapes to compliment her individual tastes.

an eternity band with emerald cut diamonds

A diamond eternity band is pretty much the pinnacle of anniversary bands! If you’re not familiar with this term, a diamond eternity band is a band set with a continuous string of identical gemstones or diamonds. We have an entire article dedicated to this topic, which you may want to reference for some tips when shopping for an eternity band as a gift. This eternity band by Tacori is set with emerald cut diamonds, a desired shape of diamond for an eternity ring.


20th Anniversary

The traditional gemstone for a 20th anniversary gift is emerald. When we think of emerald jewelry we immediately think of a deep green hue, often set into warm yellow gold. If you’re contemplating an anniversary jewelry gift of emerald, meet these stackable bands by Tacori!

emerald stacking bands

They can be special ordered in yellow gold, white gold or even rose gold if you desire. They can also be customized to have emeralds halfway, 80% of the way or all the way around the ring in full eternity band style. One of these stacked with her wedding set may be the perfectly sentimental way to say “Happy 20th My Love”.


All the other anniversaries in between

While we’ve discovered the traditional anniversary gift ideas, what about the 2nd, 7th or 11th anniversaries? Consider these suggestions from guys who’ve scored a bling touchdown with these ideas!

pearl earrings

“I knew that pearl earrings were the perfect choice for our 3rd anniversary together. After our first baby, I wanted something that my wife could wear often but not be fussy or something she felt like had to be saved for a special occasion.”



yellow gold bar bracelet

“I wanted something personalized for our 4th anniversary, something that she would instinctively feel that I took the time to create just for her. After much searching, I chose a simple bar bracelet, engraved with “Franci” on the front & “Here’s to 4” on the back. She loved it!"



morganite and diamond halo ring

“On our 16th anniversary, I wanted to find the perfect wedding anniversary gift. After 3 kiddos, some of my past gift choices were admittedly not the most romantic. I knew Hannah had always wanted a birthstone, and as a November baby my choices were citrine or morganite. I found her a stunning morganite ring in rose gold by Noam Carver and absolutely hit it out of the park. She wears it constantly on her right hand and gets oodles of compliments.”



In Summary:

Anniversary jewelry can be a sweet and enduring way to express affection for your loved one. No doubt each time she reaches for that elegant gold bangle she will think “awe, our first anniversary!” And every time she delicately touches that solitaire diamond pendant she will reflect on decade of life spent together. Even more so, the years to come.

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor


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