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Wedding Day Gift Ideas for the Bride

Wedding Day Gift Ideas for the Bride

Bride & groom in the sunlight

The big day approaches! How has the time gone so fast? Your engagement is rapidly coming to a close, bridal showers have been celebrated and wedding planning is well underway. What’s left? A traditional wedding day gift of course! Whether you’re the groom, wanting to present your bride-to-be with the perfect gift to celebrate the day, parents thoughtfully choosing a keepsake or a bridesmaid who needs gift ideas for her best friend, we’re here to help. Make memories that will last with an extra special bride gift. Here’s our favorite ideas & why:


From the Groom

Guys, your wedding date marks the beginning of your life as newlyweds. This special day deserves commemoration, celebration & a personalized wedding gift from your to your beloved. Don’t leave this task to the last minute, especially if you want something with a personal touch! Traditionally, jewelry is given from the groom to the bride as a wedding day gift. There are absolutely no set rules on how much you should spend! This is a sentimental gift to conjure happy family memories each and every time she wears the piece long into the future. Our top ideas are:


  • A Diamond Line Bracelet

A diamond line bracelet (or tennis bracelet) is a timeless staple. This extravagant wedding gift is something she can add to her wedding dress, regardless of style- diamonds go with everything right? But it’s also a piece that will be worn on special occasions, date nights and one day, something she can pass down to a child as an heirloom.

3 diamond line (or tennis) bracelets, stacked on the arm

These bold diamond intense options are set into white gold for maximum strength & versatility. The top prong set design is 5.00 carats & the middle half bezel set design is 4.50 carats.  Sorry, the bottom one sold before the publishing of this article!

a sweet & delicate diamond line bracelet

This sweet, Rose du Matin bracelet from Birks is a simple, elegant option.


  • A Diamond or Gem Stacking Ring

a variety of ruby, sapphire, emerald, pink sapphire, black & white diamond stacking bands

These wedding keepsake ideas are by Tacori. Crafted out of your choice of white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, and set with gemstones like ruby, sapphire & emerald. Perhaps a memento of your birthstone? Or to commemorate the month you met, were engaged or married? Get creative! Wedding gift ideas aren’t so much about what it is, but more about what it means to the married couple.


  • Diamond Earrings

Meghan Markle wearing the Birks Snowstorm diamond earrings

Channel her inner Meghan Markle, royal vibes with these drop dead gorgeous Snowstorm earrings by Birks. They are a favorite of the Duchess of Sussex, she has been spotted wearing them on many occasions. They are handcrafted in Italy from 18K white gold and are available in two sizes, a large size as seen in the photo & a mini size.


From the Maid of Honor

She is your best friend, and out of everyone else on the planet, she wanted you to stand beside her on her wedding day. Out of everyone else in her wedding party (except maybe the groom!) you are the most important person to the bride-to-be. You’ve helped her plan the perfect wedding, you stepped in as impromptu wedding planner when those little kerfuffles popped up. But today, on her wedding day, your gift may be the one that makes her cry happy tears the most. What should you choose to present? Here’s our top ideas!


  • Tacori Charming Letters

Tacori charming letters

At Perrara, we adore Tacori’s Charming Letter collection. A simple silver or gold disc, laser cut with her initial & two small diamonds, a symbol of your friendship. They are available in your choice of sterling silver, yellow gold or rose gold and can be purchased with or without a delicate chain. Perfect? We think so!


  • The Mrs. Earrings

Stud earrings that say MRS

How precious are these Mrs. stud earrings? These high-quality 14K earrings would make a perfect wedding day gift, bachelorette party gift or bridal shower keepsake.

Pro tip: We also love Etsy for thoughtful gift ideas. Things like a monogram gift box, a ring dish (to hold her engagement ring & wedding ring), champagne flutes, a unique cutting board. If you are in the Okanagan, we highly recommend Kenny & Co Studio (also an Etsy seller) for customized gift ideas.


From Mom & Dad

If your little girl is the bride-to-be, the biggest congratulations to mom & dad! She has no doubt looked to you over the years as the ultimate example of marriage. You’ve given your blessing & now it’s time to find that perfect gift, as when she says “I do”, she will remember her parents rooting for her as you always have done. Here’s our top gift ideas for your daughter, as she makes her wedding vows:


  • Opal Earrings

opal stud earrings in 18K yellow gold

These stunning opal earrings by Birks are crafted in Italy from luxe 18K yellow gold. They are a neutral, elegant design that she can dress up (think momentous anniversaries!) or for everyday with jeans & a T-shirt. They’re a traditional, timeless design that she will be sure to wear a ton.

Pro tip: Search Etsy for a keepsake box to place your wedding day gift in, along with a custom wedding card. It’s the little touches that will be etched into the scrapbook of her mind!
  • A Bracelet with Diamond Accents

Birks makes some wonderful everyday diamond bracelets that we think would be a beautiful and unique gift from mom or dad to daughter. Something that she can wear often, with a beautiful sundress, Lululemon’s or a date night with her new hubby. Something that, when she looks back on her wedding photos, remembers that her parents gave her a wedding keepsake to remember.

A yellow gold bracelet with a leaf accent and a second option with diamonds

Birks Petale Bracelet with diamonds (top) & in 18K yellow gold (bottom).


In Summary:

The best wedding gifts come from the heart- always. While jewelry is a timeless, highly symbolic idea, the key is always the thought behind it. The memory you will share of the day she said “I do”.

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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