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Your 2023 Gift Guide: Earrings

Your 2023 Gift Guide: Earrings

Can you even believe it’s December 2023? Where did this year go? While we all look to a 2024 filled with promise and positivity, we also look to closing out the year with gratitude and possibly gifts to our loved ones. The best jewelry gifts are unexpected! We’re here to shower you with ideas and inspiration to get the most perfect reaction. Maybe laughing and a teeny tear of sheer happiness at the same time? Yeah, we thought so. In our experience, earrings make a perfect gift. You never have to wonder if they are going to fit and they go with every outfit imaginable. So without further adieu, we give you the top trending earring styles for 2023. Think of it as reading your own personal little gift guide...OK maybe share with your friends...


  1. Diamond Studs

Diamond studs are the definition of perfect jewelry. They are a classic for a reason. Think of all the pros that diamond studs offer:

  • diamonds go with everything

  • they complement every face shape

  • they look equally stunning in white gold, yellow gold & rose gold

  • she can sleep in them if she desires

  • they simply never go out of style

If you think diamond stud earrings would make a perfect gift for your loved one, you’ve come to the right place! At Perrara, we stock over 100 pairs of unique diamond stud earrings at any given time. Here are a few that give us major feels:

diamond stud earrings

These classic four prong diamond stud earrings sit nice and close to the earlobe for not only comfort but also easy breezy style. We love the little detail on the pretty!

diamond stud earrings in yellow gold

We make these earrings in house, yes right here in Kelowna. Four perfectly matched round diamonds are set into each earring, creating a soft square outline. They give equal “pop” and ease of wearing. Again, they look so good in both white gold and yellow gold!

lab grown diamond stud earrings

These lab grown diamond earrings are maximum sparkly goodness. 2.00 total carat weight in delicate three prong martini style settings. Oh my.


  1. Diamond Hoop Earrings

Diamond hoop earrings are the big sister to diamond studs. They provide that little extra oomph for the woman who wants more size to her earrings. They still come in a variety of silhouettes so note what proportion of earrings she gravitates toward when choosing these. You can get more wow from a larger circle or simply by adding width. Let me show you what I mean:

diamond hoop earrings

These slim white gold diamond hoops by Simon G are quintessentially elegant. They are an everyday size (think Goldilocks: not too big and not too small). They will pair as good with a sundress as a ball gown as Lululemon’s. Now that is versatility!

double row diamond hoops

Compare with these bold, wide pavé set diamond hoops. Still created by artisan Simon G, these definitely have a more wow factor in width. I think it gives them a decidedly upscale, dressy look but that’s just me.


  1. Birthstone Earrings

Sterling silver birthstone earrings by Birks make such an awesome jewelry gift! They are petite enough to wear everyday and not be overwhelming. Since it’s a striking color next to a woman’s face, keeping the proportion small will not feel like “too much”. We love how each gemstone is encircled with a Bee Chic hexagon outline of sterling silver, yet the posts are 14K white gold for enhanced strength. A perfect gift idea? We think so!

december birthstone stud earrings

PS: We think these turquoise studs for the month of December look so sweet paired with a sterling silver locket: a simple stud and a bit more bold necklace!


  1. Drop earrings

Now we’re Diamond drop earrings are that extravagant reminder that you are loved. Because they are all about the opulence, about being showered in glittering beauty. No one needs diamond drop earrings but they are oh so gorgeous. This is not a piece of jewelry that may be worn every day but think of the special occasions ahead: a milestone anniversary party or intimate dinner. A big family dinner where everyone is glowing in their best. Diamond drop earrings are like a diamond tennis bracelet: not necessarily worn every day but every time they are worn, they are loved. Now that we’re all excited, yes on to the inspiration!

diamond drop earrings

I absolutely adore these diamond drop earrings by Birks. Part of the Splash collection, they have cascading droplets of diamonds which hang from a teeny diamond hoop earring. That makes them two pairs of diamond jewelry in one! Simply remove the diamond dangle if she just wants to wear the pavé diamond hoops. These totally remind me of a diamond tennis bracelet and (hint hint) there is also a complimentary diamond bracelet and a stunning diamond necklace in this collection!

rose gold leaf earrings

These leafy rose gold diamond drop earrings are simply divine. I love the gracefully nature inspired feeling these have, no straight lines or hard edges here. Plus, the soft rosy hue of the rose gold sets off the diamonds set into a hint of white gold.


  1. Gold earrings

Gold jewelry is hotter than ever! Even if your engagement ring and wedding band are in white gold or platinum, don’t fret. In 2023 white gold, yellow gold and rose gold weave seamlessly together. Wear your yellow gold earrings, gold necklaces and bangles with your white gold engagement us it will look fantastic! In addition to pendant necklaces and bangle bracelets, gold earrings have captured our hearts. They literally go with everything! Avoid gold plated earrings and opt for the real thing. They are going to be worn so often and for so many years you want them to stand the test of time. Here’s some of our current favs:

yellow gold open leaf earrings

These feather light yellow gold leaf earrings still have major pop. The open design makes them ultra light and super comfy to wear. The hook style (aka shepherd hooks) means no more losing butterfly backings...hurrah!

yellow gold bar earrings

These minimalist bar earrings by Birks are simple and understated. We love how they can be worn pointing down for a clean, elegant look or angled upwards for a chic climber effect. Paired with layers of gold chain, from choker to mid we’re talkin’! Although this is not the article for chain necklaces and chain bracelets, we want to create the vision for you. And yes, her jewelry box will thank you. Speaking of which, a pretty jewelry box from Amazon is a great idea to keep her jewels in tip top shape and protected.


  1. Pearl earrings

Pearl earrings are like the little sister to diamond studs: they are a timeless classic. Smaller sizes give us a fun New York appeal and are adored by women of all ages. We think they deserve a special mention in this jewelry gift guide!

pearl and diamond stud earrings

I love how petite these pearl studs are and accented by a small crescent of sparkly diamonds! We think these would make a wonderful gift from dad to daughter or for a new mom who wants a small pair of earrings that won’t attract baby’s eyes (and hands!) too much. Speaking of which, how about a pretty little initial necklace for a push present?

oversize freshwater pearl studs

For bolder look and not for the faint of heart! These oversize freshwater pearl stud earrings are big, bold and beautiful. The irregular, organic shape of a freshwater pearl makes each and every pair unique. We think these would make a great gift for a woman who is confident and can carry a bold look to make every day gift day!


In Summary:

Can you tell we love earrings of every shape and size? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: earrings make the perfect gift for a loved one. We will gift wrap them with loads of love and offer other sparkly gift ideas if you need us to. Visit our vast selection online or pop in to see us in person. We can’t wait to see you!

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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