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Everything You Need To Know About Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Everything You Need To Know About Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

OK, so I’m a little bit biased. I adore pear shaped diamonds. Of all the diamond cuts, they are one of the most fascinating fancy shapes in my opinion. A well-cut pear shaped diamond engagement ring is absolutely magnificent. If you are considering this shape for your diamond engagement ring, you have come to the right place my friend. I can pretty much talk all day on this topic and I’m all yours to share my knowledge, swooning and inspiration. From one pear shaped diamond owner to a potential bride-to-be, here are my best insights into shopping for this particular diamond shape.


What is a pear shaped diamond?

a rose cut pear shaped diamond on a rose gold ring

A pear-shaped diamond (or gemstone) is one that is cut in an elongated teardrop shape, which is a combination of the marquise cut and oval cut. One end of the diamond has rounded end, the other a crisp pointed end.


What is the history of pear shaped diamonds?

Although they look modern and have major rock n’roll vibes, pear-shaped diamonds were first cut over 500 years ago in Flanders (modern-day Belgium) by a diamond cutter named Lodewyk van Bercken.

Since their invention, diamond cutters have worked tirelessly to find the ideal length-to-width ratio to maximize a pear shaped diamonds’ sparkle. However, this brilliant cut still contains the the original 58 facets designed by van Bercken.   


What celebs have chosen teardrop diamonds?

  • Elizabeth Taylor wore one of the most lavish of pear shaped diamond engagement rings. The 69.42 carat stunner was nicknamed the “Taylor-Burton Diamond” and is estimated to be worth $18.9 million dollars today.

  • Victoria Beckham was gifted a stunning 17 carat tear drop diamond engagement ring by hubby David Beckham. It is set on a simple pave diamond foundation that shows off the most eye-catching pear cut diamond.

  • Ariana Grande wore a gorgeous pear shaped engagement ring with a simple halo setting when she was engaged to Pete Davidson.

  • Our favorite Barbie, Margot Robbie, sports a 1.50 carat pear diamond on a simple yellow gold pave band. She often wears her diamond with the point facing her wrist, while most women tend to prefer it the other direction. But isn’t that the whole point (pun intended)? You wear it to your personal preference!


How to shop for a pear shaped diamond?

According to diamond experts and jewelers, here’s some things to look for when choosing a pear shaped diamond:

  • Carat weight - pear shaped diamonds are one of the elongated shape diamonds that can be cut more shallow and still have excellent sparkle. This means that a pear shaped diamond will often look bigger (due to a larger surface area) than say a round cut diamond, and even bigger than many other elongated shapes.

  • Color grade - any tint of yellow will be concentrated in the point, so opt for a color grade in the near colourless (G or H preferably) or higher to maintain the brightest appearance.

  • Clarity grade - being a brilliant cut, meaning it has lots of wonderful facets, choosing a clarity grade above SI1 will keep your center stone mostly free of inclusions to the naked eye (aka without magnification).

  • Bow-tie - a bow-tie effect is an undesirable trait in pear shaped diamonds. A bow-tie effect means that in approximately the middle of the diamond, there is a dark section starting dead center and getting wider as it goes out, hence having the look of a dark bow in the center. It’s important to note that laboratories like GIA, IGI, HRD and many others do not list any bow-tie on their reports. This means you must see a pear shaped diamond in real life and determine if there is any bow-tie that is apparent to you, the wearer. While videos are great, a teardrop shaped diamond is one of the unique shapes to avoid purchasing online. You don’t want great lighting to blind you to a possible bow-tie effect!

Which way do I wear it?

There are no rules for how to wear pear shaped engagement rings, so whether you point the tip up or down is completely up to you as the wearer! The more common way to wear it is with the tip of the pear pointed up, toward your fingertips. This way, when you look down at your hand, the ring will look like a teardrop from your perspective. That being said, in our experience wearing it with the point toward your wrist like Margot Robbie tends to have an even more elongating effect on the hand. It’s all in what you love! This is what makes pear-shaped diamond rings fun: you can easily switch up their look.  


Are pear shaped diamonds more fragile?

Any diamond that comes into a point (be it princess cut, marquise cut or heart cut) is most vulnerable at the point. The point would be the area most susceptible to chipping or breakage if struck hard enough or if it endured accidental trauma. That being said, I’ve seen a ton of round cut diamonds that have chips and fractures too! A pear shaped diamond shouldn’t be penalized just because it has a more tenuous structure. In fact, no matter what diamond shape you choose, we highly recommend specialized insurance to protect your diamond engagement ring.


What is the ratio of a perfect pear?

Throw this question out the window! The perfect pear is one that is perfect in your eyes. There is quiet elegance in a pear that is more “short and fat”, having more of the rounded end as a focus. And an exaggerated “long and skinny” pear can be so wonderfully dramatic. When shopping, try on both and a more traditional 1.45-1.75 length to width ratio and discover what speaks to you. Personal preference reigns!


To the inspo!

At Perrara, we have some of the most desired pear shaped engagement rings in North America. Here are some of our current swoon worthy favorites for 2023:

A rose cut pear shaped diamond sits on a yellow gold diamond band

This pear shaped engagement ring from Parade Designs in California is rose cut, which means that the facets are on the top and it’s flat on the bottom. This means it looks incredibly big to the naked eye and it sits gloriously low on the finger - perfect if you have an active lifestyle and want something to look amazing but not be in the way!


a white gold ring with a pear shaped center diamond and small pear shaped diamonds on the band

This Sculpted Crescent design from Tacori is simply gorgeous. We love how the pear shaped center is slightly “short and fat” allowing it to take center stage. And the side teardrop shaped shoulders? Absolutely perfect.

(This ring can be special ordered in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or platinum and for virtually any size carat diamond).


a pear shaped diamond engagement ring with a halo setting

Am IN LOVE with this ring from Tacori. The halo is so stunning and I especially adore that the foundation tapers in slightly, making the center diamond look even bigger. And look at all that intricate modern meets vintage design on the inner face of the ring!! It’s such a special creation.


a teardrop shaped diamond sits on a narrow white gold diamond band

This Atelier ring by Noam Carver embodies classic, timeless elegance. Choose your desired size of pear shaped diamond, natural or lab grown, and Noam Carver will craft the ring to the exact measurements of the diamond you have chosen. The center diamond is prong set, enabling tons of light to pass through and return to your eye in brilliant sparkle. The point is also protected by a prong right at the tip for extra security. A gorgeous foundation of side stones in a pave setting style completes this elegant design.


a pear shaped diamond in a bezel solitaire setting

This solitaire diamond engagement ring from Tacori’s Starlit collection is set with a teardrop shape in the center and has a bezel setting, which means white gold covers the outer edge of the entire diamond. There are no prongs. This is a very smooth, easily wearable pear shaped diamond engagement ring, sure to attract oodles of eye-catching compliments.


a solitaire engagement ring style with a halo setting

Another striking halo design, this pear shaped diamond engagement ring has serious solitaire vibes given the simple band. I am really digging the larger diamonds at the rounded end of the halo setting, giving the center diamond even more pop.


an eternity band with pear shaped diamonds

And last but not least, this eternity band from Tacori features impeccably matched pear cut diamonds, set east-west. Our in stock ring has 2.05 carats and is ring size 5.5 however, it can absolutely be ordered in any ring size that is needed or desired. I would legit shed tears of joy if this was gifted to utterly divine!


In Summary:

When I celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary, my hubby and I decided to upgrade my wedding ring. I chose a 4.37 carat pear shaped diamond in a sandblasted bezel set Atelier ring setting by Noam Carver. It is simply stunning. Will you choose a pear shaped diamond engagement ring to begin your journey together? If yes, hello sparkle!

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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