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Can I Wear My Jewelry When Exercising?

Can I Wear My Jewelry When Exercising?

At Perrara, we get it...we understand. You love your fine jewelry. Your diamond engagement ring, your gold chains, big hoop earrings. You want to wear jewelry all day, even to the gym & while engaging in your favorite sports. But are there caveats, things you need to know...the big no-no’s? We’re here to help & give you some tips to sparkle and sweat in your fine jewelry.


Lifting Weights

Lifting weights in your engagement ring, wedding band and other fine jewelry would be at the top of our don’ts list. The stainless steel handles of gym equipment are serrated for maximum grip but this can wreak havoc on the back of your high-quality rings. Your yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and especially platinum rings are all softer metals than stainless steel handles. Therefore, gripping these will cause scratches and dents in the precious metal of your rings. If you own and rock a diamond eternity band you don’t want to cause accidental chips or breaks in your diamonds! Yes, diamonds can break and chip (even though they are super hard, they are not indestructible).

Solution: consider purchasing silicone bands from Amazon. Cheap and cheerful, you can swap out your precious rings for trending silicone before you head out. Try to make it a habit to leave your wedding rings in a secure place at home rather than having to deal with them at the gym or soccer field. You don’t want to risk leaving them in a locker or loose in your gym bag.


Doing Cardio

If you plan to do cardio in your jewelry, consider the right materials for the type of workout you plan to do. Excess sweat and moisture buildup on sterling silver jewelry can cause it to tarnish. If you choose to workout in silver, consider investing in silver cleaning cloths (also available on Amazon). After working out, gently wash your silver jewelry with a mild soap, rinse well and dry. Then gently buff your jewelry with the cleaning cloth.

Solid gold chain necklaces, earrings and bracelets will not tarnish like silver jewelry does but it’s still important to clean your jewelry after a workout. You want to avoid sweat and bacteria buildup and skin irritation. If you are prone to allergies or your skin gets irritated easily, you may want to consult your dermatologist for more helpful suggestions and specific hypoallergenic ideas.

Avoid doing cardio in gold-filled or gold-plated jewelry. As there is only a thin layer of gold, acidity in the sweat combined with extra wear may cause the gold color to rub off much more quickly than if you didn’t wear this type of jewelry while working out.

Any piece of jewelry with sharp edges will be an irritant while doing cardio. The last thing you want is your workout interrupted by the discomfort of a rough edge snagging your skin.



If you enjoy a good team sport and know you may be coming into contact with friendly opponents consider wearing small stud earrings or small hoops that are worn close to the earlobe. Gold chain should only be worn if it is a durable weight and worn quite close to the neck. A long chain is bound to get pulled if it’s hanging to far down the chest. Any sports with sticks, racquets or clubs: stick to silicone rings instead of your precious metals. The contact and gripping required to play your best may cause your rings to bend out of shape.

Did you know: Golf is a super hard sport on your watch? If you wear a mechanical watch like a Rolex or Panerai, consider leaving it at home while you tee off. The jarring of your swing can cause damage to the movement of your precious timepiece.

If you love color and wear jewelry with gemstones often, consider the specific hardness of each gem before working out or playing sports in them. Some gems like opal, pearls, emeralds and tanzanite just don’t have the hardness or toughness to stand up to the trauma inflicted by exercise.


Tips From The Pro’s

  • consider swapping out precious metal bracelets and necklaces for beaded bling or leather bracelets.

  • invest in a small pair of stud earrings or hoops like “huggie style” earrings. Huggie earrings have no butterflies to lose and the closure goes into the earring back so there’s no uncomfortable post sticking into the back of your head.

  • wear gold chain that is high up on the neck, without a lot of slack or hang. On an average woman this would be 14-16 inches and on a man 20-22 inches. You want to avoid the chain inadvertently getting snagged or caught on gym equipment or clothing.

  • avoid toe rings as they usually have sharp edges that can dig into skin (ouch!)


In Summary:

Getting your sweat on in fine jewelry is not ideal. Remember you are wearing precious metals, fine gemstones and super sentimental jewelry like your engagement ring and wedding rings. Removing your jewelry before using gym equipment and playing hockey will ensure you keep your jewels looking their best and avoid accidental damage. Because we want to keep you extra sparkly!

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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