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Finding The Perfect Match: Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

Finding The Perfect Match: Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings

Wedding bands are one of my absolute favorite things to help clients shop for...what could be more fun? You have a gorgeous engagement ring, the date for your big day is set and your fiancé is by your side to help find the perfect match. Love is in the air, the promise of the journey ahead. I just find it a wonderful vibe and feel so privileged to play a small role in your travels from Miss to Mrs. This article is dedicated to all things wedding band: how are you going to choose just one wedding ring? What’s the perfect match for your diamond engagement ring? What should you know when wearing a wedding band and engagement ring together? Our expertise is here for you to benefit from!


What is a matching wedding band?

A matching wedding band has been especially designed for your engagement ring. Designers like Tacori, SimonG and Noam Carver almost always have a “matching wedding band” for any given engagement ring. Here’s some types of matching wedding bands for different engagement ring styles:


a white and rose gold ribbon style wedding set

This stunning ribbon style engagement ring and diamond wedding ring by Noam Carver is a great example of a perfect match. The wedding band is like a mirror image of the engagement ring, less the center stone. The rose gold is carefully intertwined with diamonds set into white gold.


a yellow gold three stone engagement ring with a contoured diamond wedding band

An oval cut diamond is gracefully set into a yellow gold three stone engagement ring style. If you were designing the wedding band, how would you create a gorgeous match? Noam Carver crafted the perfect match with a contoured wedding band. Genius! The subtle “v” of diamonds perfectly hugs the three focus diamonds on the engagement ring without taking away any of the beauty. And did you notice the milgrain on the band of this bridal set, tying the two designs together?


a rose gold floral diamond wedding set

Did you know that Noam Carver has won loads of awards for his engagement ring designs? No wonder we love him and his work! This floral, vintage inspired rose gold diamond wedding band is a gorgeous complement to the engagement ring setting.


a white gold diamond wedding set

A vintage inspired creation! Let’s list the gorgeous details: a prong set solitaire engagement ring, crafted out of white gold, hand engraved details with subtle milgrain on the edges. The perfect wedding band is a white gold metal band, with all the same vintage details. This is a beautiful wedding band style for brides who want a no fuss, low maintenance wedding band that can be worn solo. A “plain band” can be designed to be anything but boring!


a white gold art deco wedding set

If your personal style leans into the art deco vibe, consider this ring pairing. The engagement ring has a round brilliant cut diamond shape as the center stone but it is powerfully presented against bezel set emerald cut diamonds. Each bezel has been carefully outlined with milgrain details. We absolutely adore when this type of ring style is crafted out of the precious metal platinum! It wears so beautifully over the years.


a yellow gold engagement ring with a negative space wedding band

This rock and roll, edgy wedding ring set takes “notched wedding band” to a modern level. We love the use of negative space as opposed to the traditional and somewhat dated notched wedding band. This popular choice is not without it’s downside, however. If this sort of concept is intriguing to you or really suits your unique engagement ring, please consider soldering the wedding set together. This will ensure the rings are always aligned, they will be less likely to snag on clothing or other textiles and will definitely increase the longevity of your wedding rings.


What is a complementary wedding band?

A complimentary wedding band is one that goes with your engagement ring, in fact it looks ah-mazing paired together, but it’s not necessarily “matching”. The ring metals may be different, the way the diamonds are set into the band may be different, you may choose gemstones...really the options are endless. The key to complementary is that you LOVE your rings together. Here’s some examples of complementary:


a diamond wedding stack

This halo engagement ring in white gold is paired with a ribbon style wedding band crafted out of white and rose gold. A second chevron wedding band with a single marquise shaped diamond completes this unique look.


a yellow gold three piece complementary wedding stack

This yellow gold diamond engagement ring is paired with two unique wedding bands. Each with their own characteristics, the overall effect is whimsy and oh so personal.


a pear halo engagement ring with black diamonds

Pear-fect! This stunning pear cut diamond is set into a halo of white diamonds and a second halo of deep black diamonds. Notice it is paired with a straight band of pavé set black diamonds. The overall profiles of each ring are very different styles yet they are powerful and bold when combined.


a solitaire diamond engagement ring with a rose gold and white gold band

Another perspective on the vintage inspired solitaire engagement ring we discussed earlier: if a rose gold band is sandwiched between the wedding set, it provides an unusual combination. I personally really enjoy a ring pairing of different metals as opposed to matching metals.


To the FAQ’s!


Can an eternity band be a wedding band?

Absolutely! An eternity band makes a gorgeous wedding ring. We highly recommend not soldering an eternity ring to an engagement ring though. While a diamond engagement ring has a very specific top, an eternity band is intended to rotate freely on the finger, having no defined top/bottom. If you solder the rings together, the diamonds on the palm side of your hand will get much more wear and will require frequent upkeep and checking by a jeweler.


Are there downsides to a curved wedding band?

The main downside that I’ve seen to a curved wedding band (or even a contoured wedding band) is that you can’t stack additional wedding bands. If your hope is to add anniversary bands down the line, stick with straight wedding rings.


When should I shop for a wedding band?

The best time is while you are shopping for your engagement ring. Even though you are not purchasing it right away, it will allow you to get a sense of what you like as a complete bridal set. The look of some engagement rings are completely altered by the addition of a wedding band so you want to know you have options you love.


In Summary:

Unlike fine jewelry, your engagement ring and wedding rings are eternal, forever pieces of jewelry that you absolutely want to adore. When the time is yours, shop the endless options in a comfortable, relaxed environment, free of pressure to make a decision. We can’t wait to help.

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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