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Custom Engagement Rings: Turning Your Vision Into Reality

Custom Engagement Rings: Turning Your Vision Into Reality

Riley and Amber have a unique love story. They knew each other as kids. Memories of both families vacationing together surface and make them happy and nostalgic all at the same time. Because when tragedy struck, the two were parted. For 12 years, they lived separate lives and grew up into adults. Then one serendipitous day, they were reunited by a mutual childhood friend, and it was like they had never been apart. Riley and Amber knew within weeks that they would be married and complete their lifelong journey. They did not want a ring from the showcase, a diamond engagement ring that could possibly belong to anyone else. They wanted their dream engagement ring, the one designed for Amber. The one with sentimental value knowing it was a bespoke engagement ring. The one that would stand the test of time and become an heirloom to their children. Let us take you on their journey from the moment they entered Perrara.


  1. Inspiration

Amber had her own unique style and a Pinterest board of inspiration to get us started. The team of experts at our store heard her likes and dislikes, reviewed the photos she brought and got to know the both of them, including their unique love story. We knew that this ring had to be more than a piece of jewelry. They needed a custom design to bring their vision to life. Our journey through the bridal brands of Tacori, Simon G, Noam Carver and Parade Designs was geared around the design process and allowed them to piece together the elements they loved best.

At the end of an hour we were all buzzing with excitement and promise. But we had so many design elements on the table, way too many to incorporate into one custom piece. Riley and Amber weren’t really on the same page with precious metal colors either! Riley leaned into the simplicity of white gold, Amber was drawn to the warmth of yellow gold. At this point, we suggested that we would take down extensive notes and reconvene the following Saturday, giving the couple time to ponder everything they’d seen.


  1. A Second Visit

When Riley and Amber visited the following Saturday, they were so excited and happy to resume the design process together. We kicked off the appointment by reviewing just the engagement ring designs from our previous visit. Now that they had fresh eyes, they were able to eliminate many of the design elements they were initially drawn to. Their custom ring was starting to take shape with the personal touches that were important to them.


  1. CAD Renderings

Now that we had a true vision of all the specifics they wanted to incorporate into their perfect engagement ring, we turned our focus to some of the practical things we would need to know, including what color of metal the ring would be crafted out of, what size and shape of diamond would be the focus and her ring size. Amber won the battle of color of metal, she loved the heirloom vibes of yellow gold but agreed to white gold prongs. Riley loved the idea of a natural mined round brilliant cut diamond, with impeccable cut and Amber wholeheartedly agreed. Armed with all the information we needed, we emailed all the intricate details to our custom house in Montreal and they provided computer renderings of what the ring would look like. The CAD renderings took about a week to complete.

In the meantime, we at Perrara stared sourcing the diamond. We located two that fit the cut, clarity, color and carat parameters that Riley was seeking and brought them into the store for the couple to make a selection.


  1. Final Details

Amber and Riley received the CAD renderings by email and took a couple of days to converse before we met again. While she was excited to have seen a rendering of what was only in her head so far, Amber had questions about the renderings. Why did everything look so bulky? We reminded her that these were not photographs, they are practically used to complete the process. The renderings are used to create a wax mold of the ring which is in turn used to cast the ring in her desired precious metal. The CAD rendering always looks slightly exaggerated as the goldsmith needs the excess gold or platinum to start out with. Once the diamonds are set and it is finished, the ring will be exactly as she wants.

We reviewed the two diamonds, carefully examining the clarity, color and carat weight of each one and a selection is made. Their unique design was a solitaire ring setting with the center diamond being bezel set for Amber’s busy lifestyle (white gold prongs were vetoed in favor of practicality, sorry Riley!). Pavé set diamonds would adorn the band of the ring, ending in rubies, you guessed it, both of their birthstones. We confirmed Amber’s ring size, yet again to be sure and they were ready to make the deposit on their one of a kind jewelry design and place the order. Custom jewelry typically takes 4-6 weeks to create, dependent on the intricacy of the design and capabilities of the jewelers making the item. At this point, craftsmanship is of the utmost importance as this is a custom engagement ring that is not only a work of art but must stand the test of time.


  1. Delivery

After what seemed like an eternity, Amber & Riley’s ring arrived and it was unquestionably a gorgeous jewelry piece. It was high-quality, one of a kind piece, designed with the artistry of a couple in love and executed by qualified artisans. From choosing the diamond, to designing the ring to incorporating the accent gemstone rubies, it was exactly what Amber had set out to achieve. It was an heirloom that she would treasure wearing for her lifetime. And it was at that moment she realized that Riley had snuck in personal engraving into the band...and her eyes welled up with tears. It. Was. Perfect.


In Summary:

Designing your own custom engagement ring can be a completely unique experience to bond you even closer together. While it does take time to brainstorm the options, the finished product is so worth the effort. The journey can continue with custom making her wedding band and his wedding ring to complete the trifecta of your bridal rings. The ultimate symbol of your love.

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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