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How Should An Engagement Ring Fit?

How Should An Engagement Ring Fit?

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Is it the most stunning, beautiful, perfect engagement ring of your dreams? It is? Yay!! An engagement ring is a symbol of the journey you are embarking on together, the outward display of your commitment to literally brings a tear to my eye when I think about it.

After the ring has been given and the question popped, we often have the bride to be visit with her next big question: how is an engagement ring supposed to fit? Is there one “perfect fit?” Engagement ring fit isn’t set in stone, it is dependent on the wearer. So, with this article we hope to give you a little insight into how we help you determine the best fit for you.


If your knuckle is your widest point

If your knuckle is the widest point of your finger, you will need to get your finger size based on your knuckle. After all, the ring has to be able to fit over your knuckle in order to get it on. If your knuckle is quite a bit larger than the base of your finger, this may mean that once on, your engagement ring may tend to spin on your finger. Unfortunately, if this is your finger shape, having a loose ring may be in your future. This can be exaggerated if you have a skinny band on your engagement ring: it can be inevitable that the ring spins. But not all is hopeless, there are some simple tips to get a better fit:


  • If possible, have your ring finger measured several times before the purchase

    This is not always possible, especially if you didn’t shop together to choose your perfect engagement ring. But if you are in the process, on each visit have your jeweler measure your finger for the style of engagement ring you are seeking. The next time you visit, check it again. This will give you an overview of whether not you have the correct size on various days. Maybe you were having a skinny day the first time...maybe you had salty foods (aka pizza and beer) the night before the second time and now you’ve got a little water retention going on. Now you’ve got a basis to say, “if my fingers swell, is this still a comfortable fit?”

  • Consider in between sizing

    A half size or even a quarter size difference may help if your large knuckle is giving you engagement ring grief. This slight change may just allow you to wiggle the ring over and give you an ever so slightly tighter fit.

  • Consider sizing beads

    A professional jeweler can install sizing beads into the inside of your ring. These small, rounded beads allow the ring to slip over your knuckle with a quarter turn, as your knuckle is square. In effect they tighten up the ring size about 1/4 of a size. But once on, it also provides a little bit of “filler” inside the ring. These beads can easily be removed by the same professional jeweler if you decide you don’t like or want them anymore so you’re not altering your ring forever!

    A ring guard is also widely recommended by various jewelry stores, however, just in my personal experience I didn’t find a ring guard practical. I have long hair and anything to do with my hands in my hair (from washing it to just brushing hair out of my face), I found that the ring guard snagged on my hair and ripped it out which was way too painful for me to deal with on a daily basis!


If the base of your finger is your widest point

If the base of your finger is your widest point, determining the right ring size can be a bit more tricky. As you have small knuckles, you don’t have that point to stop your engagement ring from slipping off your left ring finger. In determining your engagement ring size, we’ll use the following criteria:


  • Are you going to wear your engagement ring 24/7?

    If you are planning to sleep in, shower in and work in your engagement ring, you’ll want a more secure fit. It will be important to focus on how the ring feels. You want enough tightness so that it feels secure (remember you won’t have a knuckle to stop it from slipping off if your hands are cold and wet or soapy). This will probably mean that your left ring finger will have a slight indent over time, from your engagement ring “nestling” into place.

  • What’s the ring style?

    An engagement ring with a very narrow band is much more forgiving than a wide band. Often times you can get a more secure fit by sizing down. However, if your ring is a wide band, you may have to size up.

Pro tip: Always have your ring size measured by a professional jeweler based on the engagement ring you’ve chosen. The width, finger shape, shank style and individual must be taken into consideration to ensure a proper fit. This isn’t the time to DIY with a measuring tape and size chart from the internet!


No matter what your finger shape

There really is no perfect engagement ring fit. Yup I said it. The reality is that each person is unique, not only in finger shape but also in lifestyle and habits. No matter who we are, our fingers and hands change through the day, through the week and even through the month. What we eat can make our fingers swell and our comfortable fit is no longer so comfy. Pregnancy, age, weight loss or gain and trauma to our hands can also factor in. Our hands can change over time and as such, engagement rings, wedding bands and wedding rings may need to be resized. If that happens to you, it’s totally normal...we got you!



I got the wrong size - can my engagement ring be resized?

If an engagement ring is crafted out of precious metals and diamonds or gemstones don’t go all the way around, it can be resized by a qualified goldsmith.


How do goldsmiths resize a ring?

The bottom is cut and if we are sizing a ring up, a piece of gold or platinum will need to be added. If we are going smaller, a piece will need to be removed. Next, the goldsmith will seam it together and polish it.

Can you see a resizing?

Sometimes, yes. It all depends on the precious metal, the age of the piece and how much sizing needs to be done. But the sizing happens on ring that is visible on the palm side of your hand so if there is an indication it has been sized only you will see it.


How does a jeweler measure ring size?

We use ring sizers, which are standardized sizes to help us measure what your unique finger size is. At Perrara, we keep about 6 different ring sizers on hand so that we have the right equipment and we take the time to help determine the right fit for the ring. If you already have a ring and love the fit, we can also use a mandrel to tell us what that ring size is.


In Summary:

While your beloved may be perfect, unfortunately, there may not be a perfect engagement ring size. The key is to find a happy medium that is good most of the time. Yes sometimes you’ll eat salty foods and it will be snugger than you like. But sometimes you’ll be up at the ski hill and cold hands will make a ring feel loose. Don’t panic and don’t have your ring resized unnecessarily as it is not good for the ring. Take the time to speak to us in person and we’ll help you get the best fit possible. It’s what we do!

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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