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How To Wear Stackable Rings

How To Wear Stackable Rings

When I think of stackable rings, what instantly comes to mind is memories. Stackable rings have the unique ability to transform from a ring into a powerful memory of a moment. A milestone anniversary. The birth of a child. A pivotal moment in a career. The celebratory moments are endless! Layering thin bands, loaded with diamonds or gemstones, becomes an ode to your personal style and life journey. But what makes a great stack? Here’s some of our favorite style tips:


Mix Metals

Even if you are staunchly “Team White Gold” consider adding a pretty little rose gold band to commemorate the birth of a baby girl. Or a minimalist thin band of yellow gold to mark a personal accomplishment. When you mix metals, you add a layer of depth and intrigue to your stacking rings.


stacking bands with black diamonds and white diamonds

This pretty stack from Tacori is predominantly yellow gold but I absolutely adore that pop or rose gold - a little pop of pink! The breaks up the blend of color and adds and element that is super eye-catching.


Mix Widths

Keeping in mind that the average person only has so much finger to work with, try mixing band widths to create optimal layering. This can be as easy as choosing a slightly wider band in a different metal color like in this bold Tacori stack:

an eternity band with white diamonds is shown with a yellow gold band and a narrow white diamond band

Note the slightly wider yellow gold band sandwiched between a delicate Petite Crescent band on the bottom and a bold eternity ring on the top, both in white metal. The contrast is powerful. Mixing widths can elevate your stack to statement pieces that truly shine.


Add Color

Adding color to your stacking rings is super fun. It can transform your ring set into a rainbow of hues and texture. Different colors must be chosen with care however. You don’t want a gemstone simply because it’s your birthstone if you don’t love that particular gem or color. Whatever gemstone you choose it still has to be a perfect ring that makes your heart go pitty pat.



rainbow stacking rings by Tacori

Again, we look to Tacori. Their ring collection is vast, illustrious and simply swoon worthy. Just adore these rainbow stacking rings! Handcrafted in California out of your choice of yellow gold, rose gold or white gold and adorned with ruby, pink sapphire, emerald, blue sapphire, black diamonds and white diamonds. There is something for everyone! I love how there are also varying widths and different styles of setting. This allows you to add color your way, to your personal style.


diamond and emerald stacking rings in yellow gold

This pretty lil' stack from Tacori features metal bands in yellow gold but note the use of texture and color to make each stacking ring pop: a solid band of pavé emeralds at the top. Diamonds set into pretty marquise shapes of yellow gold. Another band of emeralds but each carefully bezel set to create eye-catching texture. And on the bottom, another diamond band but again, varying the pattern of how the diamonds are set. The key is to layer different rings that come together to form personal statement rings.


Add Design

When you add a particular design into one of your stacking rings, the effect can be drama drama drama:

stacking bands in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold

Note the rose gold diamond band having a leafy, organic vibe. This is in stark contrast to the white gold bands featuring black and white diamonds. The final ring in the stack is a geometric yellow gold metal band. You wouldn’t think these elements would go together but it’s wonderfully dramatic.


a rainbow stacking ring with a simple yellow gold band

I am in love with this simple two band stack. The top band features gemstones of varying hues and sizes, creating lots of subtle texture. But I also love the simple rounded yellow gold ring with rustic texture added for intrigue. Not only did you mix metals (well, metal colors!) but now you’ve added pops of color and the varying widths create and open appeal. So pretty!!!

Did you know? Many of our designers adore when you put your own spin on gemstone rings. You can choose the type of gems and they will create the stacking ring to your specifications. Don’t see aquamarine? Just request it! We’ll find a way to get your dream ring.


Add to your engagement ring

Adding additional diamond rings to your engagement ring and wedding band can also be a fun way to add to your ring collection. This especially helpful to mark anniversaries!

a rose gold engagement ring stacked with diamond wedding bands

This all rose gold engagement ring and wedding ring stack is soooooo pretty! The rose gold solitaire is stacked with diamond bands of varying widths, different styles of diamond setting, some eternity rings...all in all just a gorgeous collection of memories!



Where do I wear stacking rings?

Unlike wearing different rings on different fingers, stacking rings are intended to be worn on a single finger however, which finger can be unique to you. You’re certainly not limited to the ring finger on your right hand. My personal ring stack is worn on my middle finger - I just love the versatility of having them on my right hand.


Can I get stacking rings with lab grown diamonds?

What a great question! Yes and no. At Perrara, that will be dependent on the designer. Tacori, for example, does not use lab grown diamonds in their stacking rings (as of the writing of this article). Noam Carver may be able to accommodate this request depending on the style of the ring. If you desire lab grown diamonds, be sure to ask if the ring you want can be customized this way!


What if I have big knuckles - are stacking rings good for me?

Ohmigosh, yes. The great thing about thin bands is they are more forgiving going over your knuckle. Unlike one wide ring, you can achieve a tighter fit with several smaller bands of varying widths.


Can I stack on my pinky and wear rings there?

Stacking rings on a pinky can be done but it’s probably not the ideal finger to choose. You’ll definitely be limited in how many rings you can stack on a pinky.


In Summary:

Unlike a cocktail ring, which is another way to express your individual style and tastes, stacking rings can be constantly evolving with the changing seasons of your life. What memories will you immortalize with stacking rings?

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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