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Tacori Engagement Rings: Unveiling Timeless Elegance

Tacori Engagement Rings: Unveiling Timeless Elegance

Tacori. What do you know about this iconic brand? As a decades long fan of Tacori, I am here to share my insight into their extensive line of stunning engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewelry.


What is Tacori?

Tacori is a luxury jewelry line of engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewelry. Each and every piece of jewelry is handcrafted in California. Tacori is home to skilled artisans from all around the world who all live in California creating masterpieces. This ensures that each and every ring, bracelet, necklace and pair of earrings are created with the highest level of craftsmanship.


Why the name Tacori?

Tacori is the family legacy of Gilda and Haig Tacorian, now under the oversight of their children, Nadine and Paul Tacorian. I’ve had the unique privilege to spend time with each member of the family and they are the most warm, generous, beautiful people. You immediately feel their passion and energy for the iconic brand they have created as a three generation family.

“TACORI is led by the passion and values of the Tacorian family, giving us the unique ability to be meticulous and intentional with everything we do.”


What is Tacori known for?

Their vast engagement rings and wedding bands. Each Tacori engagement ring is designed at their studio in California and then crafted on site. If you have a Tacori ring the words “modern elegance” and “heirloom” immediately come to mind. Let’s explore a few of their signature crescent collections in this mini engagement ring guide:



The Tacori RoyalT engagement ring collection is intended for center stones exceeding 1.50 - 2.00 carats. They are designed especially to hold a large diamond. The Founder’s Collection was designed by Haig Tacorian himself. What a labor of love!

Tacori RoyalT engagement ring and eternity band

This round solitaire engagement ring was carefully crafted out of platinum. The RoyalT collection is available by special order in 18K yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. Note the gorgeous hidden bloom surrounding the center diamond. The Tacori Touch is also at the bottom of the foundation on this classic ring setting.


Diamond and ruby eternity bands

The RoyalT collection is also home to their stunning eternity bands. Available by special order to be handcrafted in your exact ring size, explore diamonds, rubies and sapphires set into an eternity band of Tacori design.



Dantela engagement ring

In Romanian, the word for “lace” is Dantela. This is reflected in the intricate design of the inner face of each diamond ring. This engagement ring design works with virtually any diamond shape, from marquise to oval to round diamonds, Dantela is absolutely timeless. Enjoy beautiful milgrain detailing with pave side stones. This collection is available in white gold.


Simply Tacori

Simply Tacori engagement ring

Simply Tacori engagement ring designs are simply stunning! Featuring a prong set center diamond, the foundation is clean lines. A classic solitaire. We love the elegance of this design while still maintaining a truly “Tacori” feeling, complete with the Tacori Touch at the bottom of the ring.


Tacori Classic Crescent

classic crescent engagement set

After 25 years, the classic crescent engagement ring and wedding band still boasts the original crescent fabric on the inner face. Will the crescent silhouette be part of your love story?


FAQ’s about Tacori

Can I customize a Tacori engagement ring or wedding ring?

Oh my gosh, yes! Tacori loves a special order, in fact that is something that makes them unique. You can choose any carat weight of natural or lab grown diamond in any diamond shape and Tacori will craft your engagement ring to hold that particular center stone. You can also customize some of the side stones. Note the use of pink sapphires which became part of the hidden halo and Tacori touch!

a custom tacori ring with pink sapphires

How long does a special order Tacori ring take?

You can expect to wait 3-6 weeks for your one of a kind, bespoke engagement ring or wedding band. If you are working with a deadline, especially a wedding or specific proposal date, be sure to share that with us as your retailer so we can work closely with Tacori to make it happen! That being said, all great things take time and handcrafting your dream engagement ring is no exception. Leave yourself time so as not to rush the process if at all possible.


Does Tacori make halo engagement rings?

Tacori affectionately refers to this as a bloom engagement ring. Like everything that Tacori does, you’re not getting a “halo engagement ring from anywhere”. This is a handcrafted in California, heirloom bloom engagement ring. Because you’re unlike anyone else...shouldn’t your engagement ring be as unique as you are?


Where can I shop for Tacori?

Tacori Partners are exclusive retailers that are committed to bringing their clients the most exquisite brands. Perrara Fine Jewelry was chosen to be the exclusive Tacori Partner between Vancouver and Calgary. Located in the heart of the South Pandosy neighborhood of Kelowna, we are home to hundreds of Tacori engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity bands and other fine jewelry.


What if I want to see a Tacori ring and Perrara doesn’t have it?

We will reach out to Tacori Design Studios in California and see if they have the diamond ring you desire to see. If they do, we’ll bring it into our Kelowna showroom to see in real life so you know whether it is “the one”. You will never feel obligated or pressured to make a purchase: we are happy to help you in your journey to your dream engagement ring.


In Summary:

We’ve only taken a small glimpse into Tacori’s extensive engagement ring collection. A mini engagement ring guide if you will. Be sure to explore our Tacori collection to be inspired. When you’re ready to experience a Tacori engagement ring on your finger, we will be here to guide you along the way as an exclusive Tacori Partner. We can’t wait to see you.

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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