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What Are Statement Rings And How To Wear Them

What Are Statement Rings And How To Wear Them

You can probably deduce that statement rings are...special. The are uniquely bold rings that are eye-catching fashion statements of the wearer. In my opinion, they are some of the most luxurious and opulent fashion rings due to their reflection of personal style. They are a form of self expression, jewelry pieces that can be worn on every occasion because of their ability to make the wearer feel emboldened. Cheeky.


A Little History

Statement rings, also known as cocktail rings, gained popularity in the United States in the 1920’s. These stunning ring designs were worn by women (aka Flapper Girls) who drank alcohol when it was banned, who enjoyed themselves, who attended luxurious galas and events, and who weren’t afraid of expressing some independence. 


What kind of rings make a statement ring?

A quintessential statement piece is an oversized gemstone ring worn on the index finger, right hand middle finger or right hand ring finger. Think a complement to your engagement ring or wedding band. These rings can be crafted out of any metal, rose gold, yellow or white gold, even silver rings can be amazing.


What kind of gemstones make a great cocktail ring?

Girl, the sky is the limit. Aquamarine, amethyst, citrine, topaz and pearls are all gorgeous precious stone choices. Even better, why not wear multiple rings that complement each other? About 12 years ago Tacori had an iconic ad campaign of a woman wearing three bold turquoise and topaz rings stacked. To this day I still remember it and channel that image when choosing statement jewelry. What inspires you?


Do I have to save my statement jewelry for special occasions?

The great thing is, and this is my little secret, there is no wrong way to wear statement rings! Obviously you will reach for these pieces if you are attending formal events. But what about brunch with your favorite girlfriends? Family dinners to celebrate milestone events? How about dropping your kiddos off at school in your Lululemons? There is always room for statement rings...try it!


Does the precious metal have to match my wedding rings?

Not at all. Five to ten years ago, color of metal was very much a thing. There was a definite yellow gold trend, followed but white gold, followed by rose gold, back to white gold. But in 2023 and onward, the future is bright with all precious metals being worn together. You wear your statement pieces because you love them, and they make you feel amazing...not because they “go together”.


Does it have to be a large ring to be considered a statement ring?

Not necessarily. By definition, it should make a statement as to the personality of the wearer. At times a petite band with a modestly proportioned gemstone will make you feel emboldened, in which case, ta-da! You have a statement ring that is uniquely yours.


Can a statement ring be an engagement ring?

If you choose it to be, yes! Remember the days of “you can’t because...” are history. You do you. If your style is minimalist and you want a simple gold ring with a bold teal sapphire, do it. A wide, white gold band style ring with a diamond encrusted motif? Absolutely. The goal here is to find your engagement ring, the one that no one else will have...because they aren’t you.


Do my statement rings have to have gemstones?

We’re throwing out the rulebook here! If you prefer clear gemstones, why not opt for diamonds, lab grown diamonds, moissanites or even pearls? If gems aren’t really your jam, consider a bold gold ring with a design in the metal. Or how about a pinky ring, hand engraved with an heirloom family crest? The composition isn’t crucial here, what is key is how these pieces make you feel. Bold. Powerful. Gorgeous. You.


Where can I get inspo for statement jewelry?

  • Fashion magazines - designers like Chanel, Gucci, Tacori & David Yurman always inspire us!

  • Pinterest - start a “Statement Jewelry” inspiration board and add all your dreams.

  • Instagram - follow celebs that mimic your personal style

  • Your jeweler - visit your local jeweler to window shop, or better yet, have them break open those glass showcases and let you try on your favorites just for fun.


What are some of your current favorite statement rings at Perrara?

Where do we begin?! At the moment, here are some of our loves:

a pear shaped spessartite is on a white gold ring accented but marquise and round brilliant cut white diamonds

A pear cut spessartite garnet is monumentally showcased by pear and round brilliant cut diamonds...this ring is everything a statement ring should be!


a diamond ring by birks, a sort of east-west horseshoe of diamonds

This diamond ring by Birks is from the Petale collection. We adore the use of negative space, allowing just a thin border of brilliant diamonds to be the eye-catching feature.


rubies make a floral design on a yellow gold band accented by a smaller flower of diamonds

A floral inspired design by Parade...simply exquisite. Again, loving the use of negative space, the rope like yellow gold accents in the rubies...perfect on a right hand index finger.

 a cushion shaped rose amethyst is set into rose gold surrounded by white diamonds


The Blushing Rose ring by Tacori features a cushion cut rose amethyst with a bloom of diamonds set into rose gold. We love the neutral vibes - this gemstone is brilliant in it’s versatility.


tri gold diamond ring and earrings set by birks

Dare to Dream Ring & Earrings

Birks Dare to Dream collection embodies vintage meets modern. It’s the perfect juxtaposition of heirloom vibes, yet somehow effortlessly now. And with all three colors of gold (rose gold, white gold & yellow gold) combined into one piece, this collection will go with every other piece of jewelry in your wardrobe. Win-win.


In Summary:

Statement rings should feel natural and unique to the personality you want to express. They speak to who you are, who you desire to be. Choose carefully and thoughtfully. Well chosen and beloved statement jewelry will stand the test of time, always make you feel good and showcase your personality with shine.

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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