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What's My Wedding Band Style?

What's My Wedding Band Style?

At Perrara, we understand. You had a crystal clear vision of your dream engagement ring. You knew, you just knew that your personal style would dictate a minimalist yellow gold metal band with a perfect oval cut lab grown diamond. A three-stone in white gold with natural diamonds. A rose gold solitaire with heirloom details. You didn’t need the ring quiz! You just knew. Now, as the wedding approaches, your attention is turned to wedding bands. Perhaps you haven’t given it a lot of thought (or maybe you just haven’t had the time yet with wedding day planning being all consuming!) If that is the case, this blog is especially for you. With help from our partners at Tacori, we’re going to showcase the top 5 wedding band styles and how to wear them. We hope to inspire you to visit soon and find your perfect wedding ring.


  1. A perfect match to your engagement ring

Most design houses like Tacori will craft a perfectly matching wedding band to their engagement ring styles. The band will be the same width and shape, any smaller diamonds will be set the same way and go the same distance around the band.

a diamond engagement ring with a matching wedding band

On this set from the Petite Crescent collection, note that the wedding band is like a mirror of the engagement ring, less the center diamond.

A pear shaped center diamond with smaller pear cut diamonds on the bands

In this white gold Sculpted Crescent set, perfectly matched pear cut diamonds of the same size are set in both the engagement ring and wedding band.

a rose gold diamond engagement ring with a matching wedding band

On this rose gold wedding set from the Founders collection, the sections of smaller diamonds do not line up with the diamonds on the engagement ring, creating a subtly whimsy effect although still a quintessential match.


  1. Stacking memories on your ring finger

One of the dramatic, personalized advantages of the whisper thin engagement ring is the opportunity to create a unique stack of celebrations. Your wedding band of course is your first band to stack. But perhaps you commemorate a milestone anniversary (or even the first one!), the birth of a child or any other occasion that is momentous to you as a couple. Whatever the inspo, stacking rings enable you to create a powerful memory of your life together.

a rose gold engagement ring with 4 stacking bands

This stunning rose gold wedding set from Tacori features wedding bands from various collections. Note the dramatic use of texture - each wedding band in the stack has different styles of diamond setting but they still create a harmonious design.

A white gold solitaire engagement ring with 5 varying wedding bands

In this white gold set from Tacori, again note the use of different wedding ring styles. Lots of texture, intrigue, drama accompany a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring.


  1. Symmetry for the win

If you are like me, where some things have to be just so, you may lean into two wedding bands, exactly the same, one on each side of your engagement ring. This very equal, symmetrical look is powerful in it’s ability to frame your engagement ring and draw the eye inward, right on your center diamond.

A diamond solitaire ring with one diamond wedding band on each side

These diamond wedding bands from the Sculpted Crescent collection frame a very timeless solitaire sparkler. Note that the prongs on each smaller diamond are “shared prong” meaning two diamonds will share a prong right in the middle. This gives the bands a unique “bubble” effect, almost like scalloping.

a white gold diamond solitaire with scalloped wedding bands on each side

Another take on the Sculpted Crescent collection are these lovely bands, with a flat side to hug your engagement ring and an heirloom inspired side of crescents to create drama on each side.


  1. Eternity bands

Eternity bands make wonderfully symbolic wedding bands. If you are considering an eternity band for your wedding band, you may wish to read the article “Everything You Need to Know About Eternity Bands” for some practical suggestions on choosing one. Of special note are the sizing limitations - you will need to select the proper ring size as it is entirely possible it cannot be altered down the road, even if it is crafted from precious metals. You will want to discuss this with your local jeweler to make the best decision!

an emerald cut diamond solitaire ring is shown with an emerald cut eternity band

A bold RoyalT diamond engagement ring with an emerald cut center diamond is gorgeously accompanied by an eternity band with emerald cut diamonds. We are adoring this vibe. Don't be shy though! Explore eternity bands with different diamond shapes to choose the band that suits your personal style. A round cut center diamond looks exquisite next to a diamond wedding band of pear, marquise or princess cut diamonds. Let your imagination run wild.


  1. Bold Color

Similar to the stacking design suggestions in #2, you may choose to accent your engagement ring made out of your favorite gemstones. This is a fantastic and bold way to showcase your personal style and what is most important to you and your fiancé.

an engagement ring with white diamonds is paired with a wedding band of blue sapphires

A diamond ring hand crafted out of white gold is matched with a wedding band of blue sapphires. We love the royal vibes of the same ring design but diamonds mixed with blue sapphires.

a yellow gold solitaire is paired with a black diamond band & a white diamond band

A yellow gold diamond engagement ring is set with an east-west oval cut diamond in this unique design from the Simply Tacori collection. Accompanying it is a yellow gold wedding band of black diamonds - what a striking combination! Finished off with a simple white gold white diamond band for a personal stack.

a pear cut diamond engagement ring is accompanied by a pink sapphire & white diamond bands

This pear shaped diamond platinum ring from the RoyalT collection at Tacori Design Studios is flanked by a pink sapphire wedding band set in warm rose gold. A Petite Crescent white gold white diamond wedding band on the outside creates some texture with it’s scalloped design.


In Summary:

At Perrara, wedding band shopping is one of our most favorite things to help you find. We love suggesting ideas you may not have thought of and seeing your eyes light up when you find “the one”. Why not make a day of it ahead of bringing in your fiancée to see your favorites? Have a wedding party brunch, bring your bridesmaids and let’s brainstorm together. Another day will be the time to shop for men’s wedding bands...this will be a fun girls day to shop for your perfect band. We can’t wait to see you.

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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