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What Is A Wedding Band?

What Is A Wedding Band?

If you have recently become engaged, you’ve no doubt dipped your toes into the wonderful world of jewelry. Shopping for the perfect engagement ring was a fun, interesting and challenging experience. You popped the question and pledged your eternal love (and promise to kill all spiders henceforth) and have started planning your wedding day! You’re four months out and everything is falling into place: your venue has been selected and it will show the juxtaposition of both your personalities. Caterer, check. Cake, check. Photographer, yup. Wedding check yet. It’s time to start shopping for that ultimate symbol of matrimony. Where to start? Here’s everything you need to know about wedding bands and some helpful tips on how to choose yours.

A bit of history

The tradition of bride and groom exchanging wedding rings dates back over 3000 years! It was the Egyptian pharaohs who first used rings to represent eternity. That’s because a circle has no beginning and no end, as marriage is intended to be. When Alexander the Great conquered the Egyptians, the Greeks adopted the tradition of giving rings to their lovers to represent devotion, attachment and commitment. Then, when the Romans conquered Greece, they picked up on this tradition and began using iron and copper rings in marriage ceremonies. Fast forward to the 3rd and 4th centuries of our common era and gold became the metal of choice to exude luxury and style.

Did you know? Ancient Egyptians believed that the ring finger, or the fourth finger of the left hand, contained a “vena amoris” or “vein of love” that led directly to the heart. The Romans adopted this belief and wore wedding rings on their ring finger.


What’s the difference between an engagement ring & wedding band?

a mens white gold wedding band alongside a rose & white gold diamond bridal set

An diamond engagement ring is given as a proposal of marriage, a symbol of your intent to wed. A wedding band (also known as a wedding ring) is given during the marriage ceremony to symbolize matrimony. While an engagement ring is worn by the bride only, the exchange of rings is with both bride and groom so that both parties have a wedding ring of their very own.


Where do you wear a wedding band?

In western culture, a wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand for both parties. In Europe it is generally accepted that a wedding band will be worn on the fourth finger of the right hand.


What does a classic wedding band look like?

two yellow gold wedding bands, one has a hammered finish and one has a diamond wire brush finish

A traditional wedding band would be a simple plain band made out of precious metal, like gold. Envision a narrow yellow gold band for her, and a matching wider ring for him. That being said, with more choices than ever, today it totally comes down to personal preference. You are never limited to gold wedding bands! It all comes down to the right ring for you.


Does a wedding band have to be plain metal?

a variety of wedding bands in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold


Not at all, in fact, there are so many choices it can be dizzying! That’s why shopping well in advance of your wedding ceremony is so important. You’ll undoubtedly want to select a few favorites, take photos on your hand and take time to think about it. See what designs truly stick in your mind, the ones that make you smile when your memory is triggered. Then go back to those top 3 or 4 and narrow down again.

The key is to choose two rings that serve as a symbol of your unique relationship. There are wonderful ways to accomplish this with:

  • Design: a wedding band with hand engraving, carving, milgrain, texture or other embellishments is a way to make a ring personalized to you.

A white gold wedding band for him, wide, set with diamonds and design
  • Diamonds: you may want diamonds to compliment your diamond engagement ring. Whether it is a solitaire or something more elaborate, a diamond wedding band may just be the perfect accompaniment.

4 diamond wedding bands made out of tantalum and yellow gold
  • Gemstones: many designers will customize a wedding band to showcase your choice of a rainbow of colours. Do you want to evoke royal vibes and incorporate sapphire? Is your beloved's birthstone ruby and you want to commemorate that in your band? Do you have a rock and roll edge and feel like black diamonds are the most perfect personal touch? The options are endless!

three wedding bands set with diamonds and/or sapphires


What is a bridal set?

a rose gold diamond bridal set in a floral design

A bridal set is when an engagement ring and wedding band are designed together. The elements are incorporated into both rings, whether it be a specific design style or type and shape of side diamonds.

Did you know? If an engagement ring has curves, in other words if the foundation doesn't have a straight edge, you may be limited to purchasing the matching wedding band. More than likely the designer will have a wedding band already designed to hug around all the curves. It may even be sold by the jeweler as a “wedding ring set”.


Inspiration for the bride

An Eternity Band

diamond eternity bands

An eternity band or eternity ring is a gorgeous symbol of love. You’ve already got the unending circle but adding diamonds or gemstones in an unbreakable string is an elegant touch. We’ve dedicated an entire article to shopping for an eternity band and all the things you need to know...we’ve got you!

If you choose an eternity band as your wedding ring, we highly recommend not soldering it to your engagement ring. While a diamond engagement ring has a definitive top and bottom, your eternity band does not. An eternity band should always be in motion. If you solder it to your engagement ring, the diamonds or gems that are on the palm side of your hand are going to get much more wear than any others, possibly causing you to lose diamonds at some point.


A Chevron Band

an oval cut diamond engagement ring and chevron wedding band

A chevon band of glittering diamonds can provide that edgy, modern vibe many brides are looking for. Think Hailey Bieber with a diamond band in the shape of a “v” cradling her enormous oval cut diamond. A popular choice in 2023, we see no end to this wedding ring style in the coming years.


Inspiration for the groom

Old School Cool a variety of narrow yellow, white and rose gold mens wedding bands

Nothing says classic like a narrow rounded wedding band. Whether crafted out of luxurious white gold or retro yellow gold, this is a piece you can truly live in and almost forget about. It will become like a second skin.

Pro tip: the narrower the band the more comfortable it will be. 5mm and 6mm are generally accepted as the most comfy widths. Be sure to request a comfort fit interior, meaning that the inside is rounded. It feels absolutely dreamy on the hand.


Carved Designs

mens carved wedding bands in rose gold and white gold

A deep design etched into the ring of a guys wedding band is not only a way to show your personal preferences but it’s truly a hidden gem for day to day wear. The design will stealthily hide any minor scratches and scuffs, allowing the design to shine through. Bleu Royale has a vast selection of carved men’s wedding bands to delight the eyes and help you get inspired. Best of all, any design can be customized to whatever width is your preference so you’re really in control of the look, feel & budget. Choose between white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or a combination. They also offer inlays of tantalum (which is a gunmetal grey color) and proprietary carbon, should you like a rich black hue. Bleu Royale wedding bands have easy peasy accessibility and are made with lots of love in Montreal, Canada. Be sure to ask about their complimentary engraving and give your beloved a tiny little note inside their band, just for them!


Pro tip: Be sure to have your ring size properly measured by a jeweler. The type of wedding band, the width and how often you intend to wear the band should all be taken into consideration when choosing your size. In our experience, guys who wear their wedding band 24/7 need a slightly smaller fit to ensure it doesn’t accidentally slip off when hands are cold, wet or soapy. Guys that wear their wedding ring only occasionally prefer a looser fit.


In Summary:

Choosing a wedding band is a time honored tradition. It is an outward symbol of the commitment made on your wedding day and worn for an intention of a lifetime. At Perrara, we recommend you start your wedding ring search 4 or 5 months from your wedding day so as to allow lots of time for pondering, selection and, in many cases, having the rings crafted just for you. That being said, many of our wonderful designers will accommodate a very short special order, in some cases we can provide your unique wedding band in days. As each wedding band is bespoke, so is each couple we become trusted advisors to. We can’t wait to help you on this important & symbolic step to becoming a married couple.

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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