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10 Tips for Designing a Custom Engagement Ring

10 Tips for Designing a Custom Engagement Ring

Now more than ever, a happy couple choosing an engagement ring (or for that matter, wedding bands) wants something unique to them. A bespoke, custom engagement ring that speaks to who they are as partners. A one of a kind piece that carries the commitment they are about to make. If you are contemplating a bespoke engagement ring, this blog is especially for you. These are the 10 best tips we can give you on creating the perfect engagement ring.


  1. Inspiration is Key

Part of the enchantment of designing your own engagement ring is what inspires you. Do you love organic, nature inspired engagement ring styles? Do you adore vintage, heirloom history & providence? Are you a minimalist, who wants all the focus to be on one amazing center diamond gemstone? Whatever inspires you, be sure to share that with your jeweler so that they can incorporate those vibes into the design process and final product.


  1. Do Your Research

In view of the foregoing, sites like Pinterest are truly your friend for saving snips of ideas. Start a Pinterest board with all elements you love. Pin everything and anything that makes your heart swoon. Then maybe a second board with ring designs, or even parts of ring designs, that you want to share with your jeweler and have worked into the design of your own engagement ring.


  1. Try Lots of Rings On IRL

Photos are great, don’t get us wrong. At Perrara, we adore a varied Pinterest board filled with whimsy. But there is nothing like experiencing an engagement ring in real life. Feeling the weight of the precious metal it is made out of. Discovering the craftsmanship of a handcrafted piece of fine jewelry. Seeing the intense sparkle of an excellent cut diamond. You can’t see the fire and scintillation on a GIA certificate! When you try rings on your hand, you get an even better understanding of how to incorporate those design elements into your own engagement ring. Besides you may not know if you truly like something until you see it on your finger!


  1. Consider Your Budget

If you are seeking a custom ring but desire to stay within a certain price range, please share that information openly with us! Our entire goal is to help you craft the perfect engagement ring and that includes a goal budget that works for you. At Perrara, these are some things we might suggest to help you stay in your price range:

  • Be flexible on the carat weight of the center stone

  • Discuss different clarity and color combinations

  • Consider alternate ring metals

  • Explore lab grown diamonds

One of the unique pros to having a ring made is you can control the elements that make up that final product and have a say in how to achieve your personal budget. You will be involved in the entire process!


  1. Know Your Diamonds

Choose a retailer or jeweler who can give you the education you need in order to choose a great diamond. This doesn’t mean they have to explain the A-Z’s of diamond grading, but at the end of the process you should feel like you had enough information to make the right decision for you.


  1. Know Your Gemstones

All gemstones have a rating for hardness on what is called the Moh’s Scale. Rubies and sapphires rank 9, while diamonds rank 10 - the hardest gem on the Mon’s Scale. Most other gems are much softer and some are not suitable for the everyday wear of an engagement ring or wedding ring. Be sure to discuss your desired gemstones with your jeweler and understand their unique limitations.


  1. Know Your Metals

When we think of white gold, yellow gold or rose gold we instinctively think of the color of gold. But did you know that each holds unique strength characteristics? Did you know rose gold is the softest color of gold due to its high copper content? Did you know that white gold is the strongest color of gold as the alloys it is typically mixed with contain hard metals like palladium, platinum or nickel? Aesthetics aside, one color might be better for your beloved’s personal lifestyle.


  1. Be Willing To Yield

Your jeweler has a sense of how a diamond engagement ring should be constructed for a lifetime of wear. Be sure to lean in to his or her knowledge, experience and recommendations in order to craft a ring that will stand the test of time, and yes, be willing to compromise where necessary in order to custom design a ring with integrity.


  1. Read The Fine Print

At most jewelers, once a design has been selected a significant deposit is required to proceed with casting the finished piece & the balance becomes due upon completion. Should you make a change after the custom jewelry has been started, there may be addition fees to make design changes. Each and every jeweler will have their own policies and processes- be sure to understand them!


  1. Plan Ahead

It’s important to understand that even if you have all the details of your dream ring firmly in mind, it will take time to bring your vision to life. Typically, on a first visit to a jewelry store, you will relay what you want to the jewelry designer or retailer, but from that point forward it will take time for CAD renderings (or drawings) to be created, changes to be made & stones to be chosen. Once that is done, you can expect 4-6 weeks for your ring to be crafted. Especially if you are starting from scratch, not based on a sample, you’ll want to leave plenty of time for the process.


In Summary:

Being involved the designing of a custom engagement ring can be a very satisfying and rewarding process coupled with some unique challenges. But think 6 months, even 20 years from now, when she looks adoringly at that ring you designed and is reminded that you took the time to design something just for her.

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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