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Making Memories: Why Most Couples Shop Together For Engagement Rings

Making Memories: Why Most Couples Shop Together For Engagement Rings

a young couple searches for her dream engagement ring

As you may remember from my article on “Top 10 Diamond Questions We Are Asked”, I grew up in the jewelry industry. I started my career in the mid to late 1990’s and, even at that time, the guy chose the engagement ring. Period. Shopping for an engagement ring together as a couple was so not a thing yet. He chose the ring from the jewelry store, he planned the surprise proposal, he did it all. Today, they do it. At Perrara, our main focus is engagement rings and wedding rings and in 2023, couples are shopping for engagement rings together. And we absolutely adore the journey with them! Why? Here’s some top reasons:


We love getting to know both of you

Let’s face it: you are a couple. In this crazy world of billions of people, you found each other and that’s amazing. You share the same love of frisbee, secretly hate getting your photo taken (should make wedding day photos fun!) and banter about what kind of dog you’re getting (him: Jack Russell Terrier, her: English Bulldog). We absolutely adore getting to know the both of you. It helps us brainstorm your perfect engagement ring. Does it have to be custom-made? Is an heirloom vibe your vibe? We want to know what things are important to each of you so that we can present you with options for the kind of ring you will get goosebumps over for the rest of your life!


You can be open about your preferences

It makes my heart happy when I have the privilege to brainstorm with a couple who are totally open and up front about what is important to them and are willing to be a teeny bit adventurous as we embark on this journey together. When you go ring shopping together it allows you each to explore and discover what you both love in a diamond engagement ring, what is meaningful to you. When you try on different ring settings, learn about diamonds together and build your perfect engagement ring, it is a memory that will last a lifetime, and that is amazing.


You can nail down some practical aspects

Creating a diamond engagement ring often times involves the combining of specific details to design that bespoke piece of jewelry that you will call your own. Some decisions you will have to make:

  • What color of metal do I want?

    Yellow gold has a classic, timeless elegance to it. The maintenance is minimal & gives a beautiful warm glow to diamonds. White gold has a crisp, clean vibe that is a perfect combination to specific diamond cuts, like emerald cut diamonds. But it comes with maintenance of rhodium plating - do you like the upkeep? Rose gold is stunning in it’s rosy hue and it’s been on your mind. But did you know it’s the softest color of gold?

  • What is my perfect diamond shape?

    If you’ve been window shopping and are having the hardest time deciding on your perfect diamond shape, you may want to explore the article “What Is The Best Diamond Shape For An Engagement Ring?” It provides some insight into each shape and helpful pro’s and con’s on how to choose for your personal style.

  • What ring style do I love?

    In 2023, asking a guy to choose her perfect engagement ring without any collaboration from his bride-to-be is like asking him to choose her perfect wedding gown. There are so many ring options and types of rings! From halo engagement designs to rings with side stones (and there are thousands of choices in this category!) to a simple solitaire engagement ring, when you go ring shopping together, it allows you to narrow down exactly what she loves, what makes her heart go pitty-pat when she gazes at her hand

  • What do I want as a feature center stone?

    In 2023, we have the most amazing options for the feature center stone on an engagement ring. A timeless choice: a natural mined diamond, in your choice of carat weight. But lab grown diamonds are gaining in popularity by leaps and bounds! Moissanite has continued to be a favorite as a sustainable gemstone. And last but certainly not least, colored gems are a gorgeous way to explore your unique style and make it your own engagement ring.

  • What is my ring size?

    When couples shop together for engagement rings or wedding bands, as jewelers we are able to properly measure your ring finger and obtain the best possible fit. This is important as it’s ideal to check this a few times before you decide on your perfect fit.


The Objections

“If we shop together won’t it ruin the element of surprise?”

To this we say heck no! Our clients relay that the element of surprise was not diminished by the experience beforehand. In fact, it made the proposal even more fun for both of them! She was able to create her own sentimental value in choosing a cherished diamond engagement ring that she will wear for the rest of her life. And he was thrilled to know that he made a perfect decision, on the ring and the girl! Now he could focus on making the proposal insanely memorable.

Client Testimonial: Josh and Taylor visited Perrara three times in November 2022 narrowing down all the details of Taylor’s vision for her perfect engagement ring. Simultaneously, Josh was stealthily formulating how to pop the question in New York at her favorite spot by the Met. He was so relieved to know he bought her dream engagement ring and could focus his attention on making his proposal spectacular at a moment she wouldn’t see coming.


“If we go ring shopping together won’t it be unromantic that she knows what I spent?”

Think of it like this: You’ve been talking to your loved one about getting engaged, you can’t wait to begin your life as a married couple. You propose engagement ring shopping together and invite her on a “ring date”. On a sparkling Saturday afternoon you enjoy brunch at your favorite restaurant, complete with a mimosa or two and then journey to your favorite jewelry store (Perrara of course)! She tries on loads of ring styles, you narrow down her dream diamond shape and learn about lab grown diamonds. Your trusted advisor at Perrara will make detailed notes about each and every element that is important to you and email you the details. When you are ready to make your move, we have everything in line to help you make a decision that works for you budget wise. It’s win-win! You discover what she loves and then it’s up to you to make the final call. We’ll walk you through it, we promise!

Client Testimonial: Dave and Aziza shopped with Perrara for a simple yellow gold diamond solitaire engagement ring. At the end of the visit, Dave took my card with a gracious thank you and they left. The next week Dave finalized his choice of a stunning natural mined diamond with impeccable cut and ordered the ring. Aziza was not part of the payment or, what Dave referred to as, “the not fun” part. He popped the question with her carefully chosen custom engagement ring at the top of Kilmanjaro as they crossed two big moments off their bucket list. Dave said he loves knowing that he made the final call and Aziza has memories of the shopping experience they shared.


In Summary:

Shopping for an engagement ring with your significant other is so much fun. It allows you to bond over that tangible piece of jewelry that shows that whole entire world your commitment to each other. How you feel is of the utmost importance and at Perrara we strive to honor that. This is the first step in your wedding planning. When will you visit Perrara and begin your ring shopping together? We can’t wait to see you.

With Love, Perrara

Author: Lisa Maloney, Proprietor

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